Silk’N FaceFX Anti-Aging Device Reviews | Does It Really Work?

Every time you look into the mirror, your attention automatically focuses on the dozens of unwanted lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and the poor skin tone and condition. Ageing is a natural process which you can hardly ever reverse. But what you can do is diminish and destroy its very signs.

The environment has impacted your skin in more ways than one and now is the time to take positive action against it with one of the best at-home anti-ageing solution – the Silk’N FaceFX device. The little device looks pretty futuristic and once you delve with us into how it works, you will learn how truly advanced it is. The FaceFX claims to lessen the appearance of the signs of ageing and also improve the texture and look of your facial skin. Read on to find out if the claim is a noise amongst all the hype about anti-ageing devices or does it really live up to its name and claims.

​Criteria – Why You Need The FaceFX and Does It Work?

According to Silk’N and the hundreds of product reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, one thing is clear – the FaceFX does work! This anti-ageing device is a clinically tested and highly recommended product that can work wonders on under eye bags, dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines and sagging of skin. Many dermatologists are recommending this revolutionary device for alleviation of signs of ageing from on and around your face.

How does Silk'N FaceFX Anti-Aging Device work

How does Silk'N FaceFX Anti-Aging Device work

The handheld tool is convenient and simple to use and carry and can work effectively on bringing positive changes in your skin tone, texture and appearance. The product is among the few first to use Home Fractional (HF) technology to combine heat and red light therapy successfully. This is turn leads to deeper penetration and absorption of energy from incident red light, which eventually leads to accelerated stimulation of collagen and elastin. This way the deepest rooted wrinkles and fine lines are tackled and won against.

If you are someone who is tired of a tired looking appearance and skin texture, and are looking for an efficacy-abundant anti-ageing solution that has nothing to do with expensive creams, lotions, balms and treatments, then FaceFX is the way to go. It is a non-invasive solution against skin ageing and will give you long-term results in the first 4-8 weeks itself. Your pore size will reduce, skin will become more radiant and look healthier and firmer. Getting a reasonably priced treatment at the comfort of your home, 3 times a week for just 5-7 minutes at a time on your face, neck, hands and chest is one miraculous and amazing deal​.

What does customer say about​ Silk’N FaceFX Anti-Aging Device

​Product Features

  • Works on the technology and concept of dermal heating, that is, heating and stimulating the upper most layers or derma layer of the skin.
  • The temperature can rise up to 40 degrees Centigrade while use.
  • High energy radiating red light emitting diodes are incorporated in the device which deliver light therapy and stimulate collagen and fibroblast growth.
  • The red light emitted and absorbed in the facial skin will prompt better blood circulation and cell repair and restoration.
  • The device weighs all of 1.3 pounds and works in the visible red spectrum of light.

Things We Liked

  • The FaceFX has accumulated for itself a mixed bag of reviews and feedbacks in the time that it has been available in the American beauty and healthcare market. The device surely deserves some appreciation on grounds of living up to its claims. The synergy and perfect combination of dermal heat and deep fractional light technology helps one achieve textural improvements and riddance from wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Pores, spots and lines are reduced and no safety goggles or other accessories are required for its functioning. There is hardly and discomfort and a built-in temperature sensor keeps the device from heating over 41 degrees Centigrade. The treatment provided is relaxing and highly safe to use on all skin types

Things We Didn't Like

  • The cons of FaceFX device, though few, are experienced by a majority of the past customers. Though the company suggests using the device for just 5-7 minutes a day, real results are only seen when one uses it for at least 15 minutes during each session. Slight redness and inflammation is noticed after use in the treated areas, which may linger for a few minutes or even hours depending on users’ skin type. Some users have also experienced some degree of irritation and over-heating at times. You also need to let the device cool down mid-session, which proves to be inconvenient and time-consuming. The price, though reasonable in the long run, can prove to be quite a heavy investment initially.

Silk'n facefx before and after

Silk'N FaceFX Anti-Aging Device before and afer 4 weeks

Silk'N FaceFX before and afer 4 weeks

Silk'N FaceFX Anti-Aging Device before and afer 8 weeks

Silk'N FaceFX before and afer 8 weeks

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​All in all, the Silk’N FaceFX is quite a high-tech anti-ageing tool in your hands which has garnered some very mixed reviews for itself. Some have complained of erupting pimples, while some have labeled the product as a savior after regular use. What you need to keep in mind is that, such products could be effective only when you stick to healthy diets and lifestyle habits and take precautions and actions along with the use of such beauty products.

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