reVive Light Therapy Products and Accessories Reviews

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Have you been fighting blotchy skin, wrinkles, acne and pain for some time now? There is a boom of products in the beauty department of your superstore, but you are skeptic about which one would really work, it’s magic on your skin. Well, your days of dilemma are over! reVive Light Therapy brings you products that are 100% safe and effective when it comes to treatment of pain, acne and skin aging.

reVive Light Therapy reviews

Skincare specialists reVive light therapy bring their tested and proven solutions at an affordable price to your doorstep. Their dpl – deep penetrating light technique makes it possible for the different spectrum lights to permeate deep into the skin, right till the tissues of your body, to replenish your skin and furnish it with efficacious results.

Their products provide cellular repair and regeneration of cells and tissues by exposing it to certain wavelengths of the natural light which are devoid of any harmful UV radiations. Production of collagen and elastin, the two primary components of our skin’s tissue, is stimulated naturally and bacteria that causes acne are effectively eliminated. This genius product range is FDA approved and medically tested for your safety and trust.

Research and clinical studies have demonstrated dramatic effects in pain relief, injury recovery, acne treatment and anti-aging treatment with light therapy

Let’s have a look at the features each of them offers.

reVive Light Therapy for Acne Treatment


When acne-causing bacteria is exposed to certain spectrums of light, it is rendered lifeless. This is the basic concept on which this amazing wand-like handheld device works. Gone are the days of irritating, painful acne! The deep penetrating light permeates into the skin and destroys the bacteria which is the major cause of skin irritation, flaring up and redness of skin, inflammation, acne and any other skin issues.

You will be amazed and fully well satisfied with the results you witness post use – beautiful, clean and clear skin with a youthful glow!
The head of this wand is eighty-three percent (83%) bigger than other devices available in the market which provides a larger treatment area. It is safe for all skin types and has no adverse side effects owing to the natural therapy method that it employs.

The light used for this treatment against acne is 415 nm wavelength blue light (non-UV) that possess antibacterial and disinfectant properties, i.e., has an ability to target the bacteria that dwell on or under the surface of the skin. LED lights are used for emitting this blue light. Swelling and inflammation subsides with regular use and inhibits further breakouts.

The device is safe to use twice or thrice a week and best results can be observed with regular use. You don’t  need to worry about harsh chemicals, or any invasive procedures with this one. Apply on cleaned skin for around 15 minutes; the heat does not burn the skin. The wand is rechargeable and comes with a power cord, instruction manual and a travel bag. What’s more, it comes with a warranty of one full year!

reVive Light Therapy for Anti-Aging


This anti-aging LED lighted wand works miracles by making the skin look and feel more tender, fresh and full of life. The science behind this one is the combination of Infrared and deep red light which penetrates deep into the layers of your skin to diminish and reverse the formation of fine lines and wrinkles by improving the blood flow to the areas under treatment which causes the cells to repair and regenerate, enriching the appearance of your skin. It stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen which firms up the skin from the inside and smoothes out the appearance on the outside.

This anti- aging treatment is not just specific to wrinkles and fine lines, but also works wonders on blemishes, age spots, sun spots, loss of firmness and plumpness of skin, uneven skin coloration and dullness of the skin. This product is your first and final step towards having vibrant, even-toned, healthy, youthful, blooming and stress-free skin. Results can be observed just days after you start usage.

The lightweight and easy – to – hold design makes the wand easily usable at all times. Using it twice or thrice a week is recommended and results are visible just weeks into treatment. It is suggested that you use the device on clean, dried skin for about 15 minutes for maximum after effects.

reVive Light Therapy for Pain Relief


Find safe, medical grade pain relief through this device that uses LED lights to emit infrared light which has natural healing properties. The DPL technology of reVive helps the infrared wavelength to reach deep within the skin and target joints, tissues and muscles and procreates better blood circulation, regeneration and repair of cells. This in turn helps achieve temporary relief and reduce joint pains, muscle spasms, and even arthritis aches. Healing is also provided for wounds or any injury. Any physical ailment, feel good in just a few minutes!

Being free from chemicals, it produces no side effects or skin allergies. You can be ensured of not burning up your skin since it does not produce any direct heat to inflame the skin. This product is absolutely much more convenient to use compared to the competitors in market due to its shape and lightweight modelling.

Easily rechargeable, it comes with a power cord. Feel free to use it daily for spot application and instant relief. Suitable for all skin types, no matter how sensitive your skin is, be relieved. One-year warranty is what you get with this one.

reVive Light Therapy Accessories

1. Deep Penetrating Pain Cream for LED Light Therapy

Deep Penetrating Pain Cream for LED Light TherapyAn accessory that adds on to your pain relief experience using along with the reVive Light therapy Pain Relief wand, this cream is developed using molecules that are highly prescribed for curing chronic pain.

It helps amplify the effects of pain relief through light therapy being made out of Glucosamine and Celedrin. It is a smooth formulation that is unscented and can be used separately for instant pain relief as well.

2. Hands-free Adjustable Strap

Hands-free Adjustable Strap


An adjustable strap that can be used with any and every Light Therapy device to keep it in place. Makes your wand go hands- free, and it comes with a Velcro strap for proper alignment and adjustment.

3. Relaxation Goggles

Relaxation Goggles

Every handheld and panel device from reVive comes with a pair of relaxation goggles to help you rest your eyes while you enjoy rejuvenation and relaxation. You can purchase an extra pair separately or replace your lost pair.

Pros of reVive Light Therapy devices:

  • Great reviews, high on effectiveness, scientifically proven and tested are some of the greatest pros of these devices.
  • Being light in weight, easy to hold and use, they prove to be a great value for money at the comfort of your home.
  • No more appointments at state – of – the – art clinics and salons!
  • You do not need to risk your skin’s health by depending on chemical products now.
  • Get ultimate results using natural light radiations without risking burning of skin.
  • These products are safe to use and provide long-term relief against pain, skin irritations and wrinkles in almost no time. Spot treatment was never this easy!

Cons of reVive Light Therapy devices

  • The ideal scenario for achieving best results would be combining the usage of these products along with a healthy skin care regimen.
  • Patience and consistency are the two key ingredients here! You need to be committed to this routine for rapid results and improvements in your skin texture.
  • Also, for larger areas of treatment, spot treatment is definitely not the way and you might need to look for panels that use the same technology.
  • Overall, these three great products are a boon and with the right attitude and discipline you too can have great skin!


In conclusion, we have mostly good things to say about the entire range of products from the house of reVive Light Therapy bringing to us premium quality services and results. The products do work wonders as compared to their present competitors in the market, putting NASA’s technology to good use for the betterment of your skin and health. The products boast of a good rating on Amazon in a period of just a couple of months! So, put your worries aside and try out these amazing products without further skepticism.

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