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Best Makeup Removers For Acne - Prone Skin

For the woman of substance and responsibility that you are, makeup is essential. Not only does it help one look beautiful and glowing, but it also cooperates with your skin to hide all the unwanted and unattractive puffiness, fine lines, and blemishes.

Makeup – designed to be your best friend and support you to make you feel good in your own skin, sometimes acts dubious and badgers up the skin. Your dilemmas are magnified if you suffer from acne, blackheads, whiteheads, or just possess very sensitive skin. Removal of makeup and dirt from the skin after a long day at work or out in the sun is essential, but for someone with sensitive skin, it is quite a quandary to even search for a trustable makeup remover that is capable of causing good instead of harm.

If you fall into this category and are struggling to find that perfect product to do away with your makeup and additionally soothe and nourish your skin while at it, you my friend are at the right place. Here we give you the five best makeup removers available in the market at present to eliminate chances of skin outbreaks and blemishes while effectively and efficiently getting your sensitive skin rid off makeup

​A Few Pointers For When Selecting A Makeup Remover For Sensitive And Acne-Prone Skin

  • ​If you suffer from acne or just have sensitive skin, you need to take special care. There are bewildering assortments of products based on even more baffling formulas and ingredients. There are alcohol or paraben based, alcohol or paraben free, oil-based, oil- free, and many more such makeup removers available out there.
  • Never go for the paraben or alcohol based products, since they dry up the skin to an even greater extent than what it normally is. Evaporation of alcohol from the skin's surface is not such a great thing. Oily and acne- prone skin does not require any more oil, so choose the ones that have oil- free formulae at their core. If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin, then probably oil – based formula is the best way to go.
  • ​Another thing to keep in mind is that, if your skin is characterized by frequent outbreaks and skin lesions then you need to regularly ward off greasiness and oil from your face. The pimples, acne and all those colorful heads are your skin's way of telling you to wash it or clean it more often and be gentle while doing that. Use lesser makeup, or if possible opt for herbal and more organic brands which are tender and effective on the skin.
  • ​Look for individual ingredients. Never make the mistake of blindly picking up branded, colorful, attractive bottles. You need to be sure what's going on that face unless you want to curse yourself later. Ingredients like isopropyl alcohol, sodium chloride, salicylic acid should be avoided at all costs. Opting for easy and quick fixes, like using baby oil for removing makeup may feel like pampering your skin right now, but it could block your pores making acne worse.
  • Always remember to wash your face properly, even post makeup removal. Sleeping with makeup on is the worst mistake you could make – it accelerates skin aging and damages the pores. Let us look at the top 5 makeup removers.

​5 Best Makeup Removers Reviews

​1. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

​The most fantastic product which deserves a place on your makeup shelf is this one from Clinique. Who knew a simple balm could feel so calm and relaxing. While on the outside it looks like a solid cold cream, but it instantly dissolves into an oil-like consistency on application. It is alcohol and fragrance-free, which means it is absolutely safe for your sensitive skin.

Makeup is completely eliminated, with no residues whatsoever. No fuss related to constant rubbing with cotton pads is required; simply massaging it into the skin with bare fingertips is enough for the toughest makeup to come off – waterproof and water-based alike

What We Like

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It easily removes makeup without any rubbing.
  • Your skin feels soft and supple post application and it does not irritate or burn the skin at all.
  • Coming from a reputable brand, take the day off with its implementation.
  • It is also available in a liquid solution by the same name.

What We Don't Like

  • There is no major disadvantage of this makeup remover, though some would consider it a little expensive

​We can assure you it's reasonable. It has fantastic reviews on Amazon as well and a hundred percent safe for your skin.

​2. RMS Beauty -The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes

​The name says it all. These simplistic, clean yet powerful makeup removal wipes are what you need for everyday use. They are supremely effective against makeup making it melt away like butter. The primary ingredients in these wipes are pure, raw coconut cream and coconut oil, both of which are naturally recognized for nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Makeup is removed with tenderness and your skin will be happy that you chose this product. Coconut is anti –bacterial as well and protects your skin against infections

What We Like

  • These are the definition of 'carry anywhere makeup remover'.
  • With many happy customers, this product is a one stop shop for all your makeup and skin woes.
  • Its elegant convenience and simplicity make it an everyday essential

What We Don't Like

  • Though it is the best at removing makeup while not drying up your skin, some care has to taken in order to not leave too much oil on your face, lest it may lead to breakouts. Keep your skin clean and this product will take care of the rest.

​3. Mac Cosmetics Cleanse Off Oil

​If you need a makeup remover, you are well – versed with makeup, and that means you are definitely well acquainted with Mac. Don't run away reading ‘Oil' in the name of this product. It's not one with those super oily, greasy base; this product is tailored to work wonders to eliminate excess sebum from your skin.

The ingredients of this makeup remover include olive oil, jojoba oil, and primrose, all of which are refreshing and nourishing for the skin. These oils have the power to get rid of the most stubborn, waterproof makeup products with a charming ease while pampering your skin and leaving it soft and supple

What We Like

  • Great reviews
  • Awesome brand
  • High efficacy
  • Massaging and rinsing off with water – using this product is that simple

What We Don't Like

  • Being from the house of Mac, it is a little pricey, but that should not be the reason to hold you back from purchasing it for rewarding your skin

​4. Bobbi Brown Instant Long Wear Makeup Remover

​This is the one makeup remover which is perfectly able to remove not only waterproof, stubborn face and lip makeup, but also the most excruciating eye makeup. Yes, this one from Bobbi Brown conditions the mascara and layers of eye makeup, which helps it swish off in one smooth action, in a flutter literally.

Another oil – based formula, this makeup remover is gentle on the skin and tough on makeup removing all traces of it. Long wear makeup can be very hard to remove, but with this product, you are sorted

What We Like

  • A very trusted, top brand, Bobbi Brown's makeup remover is safe for those with sensitive skin and also for those who wear contact lenses

What We Don't Like

  • Though it is favorably priced, this long wear makeup remover should be rinsed off with cold water, lest it may leave some oiliness on the skin

5. Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes, Pink Grapefruit

​Taming oiliness while not just removing makeup, moreover protecting skin against bacteria and excessive sebum and dirt, makes these makeup - wipes a must on our list.

Grapefruit is known to possess antibacterial and antiseptic properties which make it a desirable ingredient in our makeup removal regimen. Each pack contains thirty wipes which are devoid of parabens and alcohol.

The package can be sealed post every use, making it a safe and clean makeup removal procedure

What We Like

  • Cost effective and efficient, these towelettes are very convenient to use and are best for acne – prone skin

What We Don't Like

  • These wipes are gentle and not made for tackling massive doses of makeup


​A few names worth mentioning here would be – Neutrogena, Chanel, Estee Lauder, and BioCare. You can definitely try out the above reviewed and mentioned products conveniently, being sure of their gentleness on your sensitive skin and their efficacy in cleaning off all the stubborn makeup from your face. Be sure to keep your skin clean and keep in mind the pointers we jotted down for you.Hope this article was helpful to you!

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