TOP 4 Best Home Tanning Beds 2017 – Reviews and Buying Guide

​So, are you planning on investing in a tanning bed at the comfort of your home to get that summer bronze glow right? Well, fret not, because this article has gotten you covered. Tanning indoors definitely has a range of enormous advantages over tanning outdoors under the sun. It is not only an excellent way to save your money, resources and time; rather it helps you achieve the best tan of your life as per your schedule and desire.

Home Tanning Beds

Home tanning beds are no small investment, thus making it necessary to choose the right one and indulge at your own convenience. We, through this article, hope to help you in deciding over your next buy, covering the top 4 tanning beds specially designed to be used at home.

​Advantages of Home Tanning Beds and How They Work

​Who doesn't love to hit the beach every now and then? Come summers, and all we can think of is getting that tan right. However, relying on outdoor tanning can be highly unpredictable, though free. To add to it, the unforgiving pollution, hot winds, erratic weather, etc., make it even harder to enjoy the process. How tanning beds help you, is by giving you better results in a matter of a few minutes as compared to what you can achieve by spending hours on end in the blazing sun

​Moreover, the number of skin related diseases you are exposing yourself to can be nullified altogether by simply opting for a better and more reliable alternative. You can save yourself from all the hassle of carving out a schedule, worrying about sun burns, worrying about the hygiene standards of commercial tanning beds. Tanning at home is known to be efficient, fast and safe.

​You are not compromising on any front since you still get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and beta-endorphins while the effects of tanning are making you look healthy and youthful. No more is tanning restricted to summers, work on that tan all round the year and strengthen your bones as well, while cutting down the risks of melanoma, skin cancers, and acne.

​Your home tanning bed is designed not to roast you, rather render you with a glow and the positive effects of UV radiation. Fluorescent lamps present in the beds emit UVA and UVB light that penetrates the skin to stimulate natural reactions under it and turn it brown. If coupled with red light therapy, these beds can effectively stimulate and accelerate the production of natural proteins and collagen in the body and thus prevent aging and sagging of the skin.

Regular tanning is believed to help to avoid sunburns and over-exposure to harmful UV radiations of the sun. Home tanning beds are comparatively lighter than commercial ones and generally contain 16-24 lamps. Automatic digital timers, cooling systems, accessories, face and arm enhancers, all of this adds to this brilliant experience. They can frequently be used in the comfort of your home! Let's check out some of the best ones

​Best Home Tanning Beds Available

​1. Solar Storm 24S with Arm and Face Tanners

Solar Storm 24S with Arm and Face Tanners

​This incredibly pocket friendly home tanning bed is capable of delivering a warm, honey tone to your skin while soothing it at the privacy of your room. This bed is manufactured by the leading tanning bed manufacturers - Wolff Systems.

This bed is extremely long, so no matter what your height, you can experience the best! It comes with an in-built adjustable digital 15 – minutes' timer and measures – 83"x39"x24". The placement of the 24 lamps is done in such an evenly distributed way (12 above and 12 below) that one does not need to worry about uneven or patchy tanned spots.

This class of tanners comes with special face and arm tanning enhancers – meaning there are special bulbs aligned to direct the light right on the face and arms so that you can achieve great quality results and a perfect all - round tan

What We Like

  • The Solar Storm 24S comes in an assembled condition, and weighs something around 220 pounds.
  • Wolff Systems offer you a lifetime warranty on this product, and the results are outstanding.

What We Don't Like

  • A little pricey. Yes, that is all about the disadvantage here.
  • With great reviews on Amazon, you should definitely go ahead with this tanning bed

​2. Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed

Sunfire 16  Deluxe Tanning Bed

​A tremendously attractive option for the sun worshipper in you, designed for the busy tan – fanatics, this tanning bed from Sunfire comes with 16 lamps that can give you a coveted tan in just 20 minutes. A cooling fan is built in the unit in order to eliminate risks of overheating and burning of the skin.

You are promised an even, uniform tan and glow with the very first use. An in-house MP3 system enables you to relax listening to some tunes while you bask in this bed's glory. The unit additionally comes with a tanning lotion pack as well! The tanning bed surface is roughly 81"x36" and the unit comes pre – assembled. The bed comes with an electric plug that can be powered by any 120V AC supply and is easy to maintain and worth the investment

What We Like

  •  A year's warranty
  • a list of amazing features and a long track record
  • There are only good things to say about the Sunfire 16 Deluxe

What We Don't Like

  • None so much, this is much affordably priced as well

​3. Tanning Bed RelaxSun 24 Plus by ProSun

Tanning Bed RelaxSun 24 Plus by ProSun

​Here comes your savior from the house of ProSun, deemed as the high quality end when it comes to tanning beds. This pleasant voyage in the home sector of tanning beds is a welcome change for them, and they have delivered their best.

A large bed, with efficient tanning lamps, provides you with the luxury and comfort of a professional – level tan at the comfort of your home. It features 24 100 watt lamps which use normal 120V power and let you experience gorgeous, uniform tanning.

The bed unit is tubular and curved in nature, which allows your entire frame to get targeted by the fluorescent lamps resulting in excellent exposure. The product is extremely safe to be used at home and measures 78"x30"x45".

What We Like

  • Efficacy
  •  Safety
  • The novelty of structure are some of the major advantages of the RelaxSun 24 Plus.
  • It comes with a one year warranty and renders best results

What We Don't Like

  • The RelaxSun is competitively priced and also weighs a great deal more than its counterparts.
  • Though such factors shouldn't persuade you against it, this is a great investment for your skin.

4. Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning Bed

Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning Bed

​Looking for a soothing, fuzzy and warm tanning experience, you can compare to a beach tanning session? The Solar Wave 16 gives you all that and much more. Effectively low priced than any other high – end home tanning bed, this product could really be your best bet at getting equally impressive results at just half the price!

Uniform and even tanning is achieved due to the well – distributed 16 Wolff lamps which are high on efficiency and output. You need not be concerned about blotchy looks since the curved top and the sleek straight bottom, perfectly cover each angle of your skin to give it a fresh, brown tan. It is highly fast and safe. Pre – assembled, the dimensions of this bed happen to be 67"x28". Comes with a lifetime warranty on the bed frame and is easy to use

What We Like

  • Affordably priced
  • Exceptionally effective and easily movable.
  • The product has garnered some great reviews for itself on accounts of the same and is worth buying

What We Don't Like

  • The bed size could pose problems for those taller than 5'7, and that is truly the only disadvantage of the Solar Wave 16 home tanning bed

​Home Tanning Bed Accessories

Below are some essential tanning bed accessories which you should invest in for you and your bed's safety. Take a look

​1. Disinfectant tanning bed cleaner

AG ph Neutral Disinfectant Tanning Bed Cleaner 32oz

This gold based, neutral liquid is a one – stop shop for your bed cleaning woes. The liquid can be mixed with water and sprayed over the surface to disinfect it while ensuring that neither the acrylic surface and nor your skin get damaged. Any fungi, viruses, and odors can be destroyed with the help of this product.

​2. Sunnies or Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles

Sunnies Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles Eye Protection UV Glasses

Such eye accessories are essential to ensure safety and protection of your eyes against the UV radiations. Just closing your eyes doesn't help the process much. These goggles block about 99% UV rays and thus help your eyes from getting toasted as well

​3. Tanning Lotion for Indoors

Tanning Lotion for Indoors

This is not your every day sun block that you wear before stepping out! Sun blocks prevent you from getting tanned and also damage the acrylic/plastic material of the tanning beds. Indoor tanning lotions are prevalent when it comes to tanning indoors – they help quicken up the tanning process and also get that darker shade.

It nourishes and moisturizes the skin while keeping you from burning and developing wrinkles due to drying up of the skin during tanning. Do remember to invest in one of these along with those cozy beds!


​I am sure after this long, patience - testing read you would be excited to order your very first (or second) home tanning bed! The list of advantages and the state of the art products can go on and on. But, the fact remains that tanning indoors is a novel concept which lets you be the boss of you.

Yes, it may seem like a hefty price to pay, having said that, the starting investment is well worth the money you save from avoiding those overly expensive salon and spa visits. Order one today and experience it for yourself. Let the tanning begin!Hope this article was helpful to you for deciding on the best home tanning bed!

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