Best BB Creams For Acne Prone Skin

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It can be extremely tough to get out of your home in summer, if your skin is oily and acne prone, for this reason, you need a BB cream that will not only heal your acne it must also conceal the signs of acne, along with other skin imperfections such as scars and fine lines. The most ideal BB creams for acne prone skin must reduce skin sensitivities, because sensitive skins often get inflamed easily, and when such a skin becomes irritated, it can easily ruin your make up and may become itchy. When your acne prone skin becomes itchy, you will be tempted to rub and scratch it, thus igniting an acne breakout.

Best BB Creams for Acne Prone Skin

Features of an ideal BB cream for acne prone skin

The best BB cream for acne prone skin should normally contain a high broad spectrum SPF rating, which provides extra layer of protection against direct UV rays from the sun. The Korea tinted moisturizer for instance is a powerful BB cream that has up to SPF 40 rating, in addition to moisturizing the skin against dryness. You should keep in mind that the higher the SPF rating, the more expensive the cream gets, and in most cases, you will see normal daily creams having SPF ratings of 15. Some BB creams for acne prone skin can make your skin becomes lighter as it fades away acne scars, wrinkles, thin lines and some other skin blemishes.

What are the benefits of BB creams for acne prone skin?

BB creams or beauty balms provide some benefits that cannot be found in conventional daily creams. For instance, a typical BB cream should be relatively lightweight, and must come with a highly pigmented foundation or base to provide an excellent concealment for all skin imperfections and to make your makeup last longer and much more stable.

Most BB creams also come with moisturizers that ensure that your skin stay supple, and smooth all day long. BB creams also come with high SPF ratings to protect the skin completely against harmful UV rays from the sun.

BB creams are not just formulated for cosmetic purposes they are also rich in antioxidants, that fight ageing, and cellular oxidation, anti-wrinkling natural agents such as retinol, oil control components, to help deal with excessive oil secretion from acne prone face, and Acne-fighting ingredients. Depending on the type of BB creams you go for, some may contain natural skin lightening ingredients that makes your skin lighter as acne scars, thin lines and wrinkles are faded.

BB creams can best be described as tinted moisturizers that can simply be applied alone or as coverage under your makeup therefore they can act as concealers against the appearance of acne. The low maintenance appeal of a typical BB cream is also an added benefit. Unlike some invasive acne treatment methods such as chemical peeling and macro-dermabrassion, BB creams do not cause pain and side effects after treatment likewise they wouldn’t increase skin sensitivity.

What you must consider when buying a BB cream

What you must consider when buying a BB cream

The best BB creams must be non-comedogenic, and that means they must not clog your skin pores and at the same time, they must provide a complete concealment against blemishes and all kinds of skin discolourations. Here are some of the most important things you should consider when making a final choice on a BB cream;

  • The BB cream must provide a perfect combination of skin care with elegant makeup. It means the cream must provide that elegant appearance while improving the healing of your acne disorder.
  • It must come with a minimum SPF rating of 15- Most acne sufferers do not bother about SPF ratings whereas, exposure of acne to UV rays from the sun can cause more irritation and inflammation. With an ideal SPF rating, you get maximum protection against UV rays hence your acne does not get worse while it heals. The higher the SPF rating of a BB cream, the more effective it is.
  • Make sure your preferred BB cream does not clog skin pores. Clogging or blocking of skin pores is the number one trigger of acne breakouts because it allows bacteria to grow, and when oil secretions mix with dirt and bacteria activities, your skin will automatically become inflamed.
  • Must include antioxidants- It is one thing that your bb cream provides excellent concealment of acne scars and moisturize your skin, but the importance of antioxidants must not be ignored because they help fight against cell oxidation and ageing.
  • must come in different shades- In order to find the most suitable BB cream for your skin type; you need to choose a product that comes in different shades. The BB cream must also be compatible with your skin type (dry, oily or normal). Most BB creams come between 1 and 6 different shades that are comparable with skin complexion.

Customer review

  • More than 95% of online BB cream reviewers confessed they have repeatedly use BB creams for a long period until their acne infections disappeared and the primary reason for this is that BB creams to have a lasting effect in speeding up the healing of acne breakouts.
  • Secondly, most users of BB creams believe that prices of such creams are significantly affordable, thus it is easier to use such creams than go for invasive acne treatments such as chemical pealing and micro-dermabrassion. Most online product reviewers also believe that BB creams provide a better price bargain, because it moisturizes, works as a makeup foundation and also speed up acne scar fading.


BB creams do receive worldwide acceptance for several reasons however, the duration of application may vary from an individual to another, hence it will be ideal to contact a dermatologist for more advice and recommendation on which BB cream is most suitable for one’s particular situation. Though the guide in this piece of article has provided necessary information on how to choose the best, you still need to check your skins sensitivity to avoid worsening acne problem.

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