Verilux Happy Light Reviews – Enhance Your Mood & Feel Energized

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​The distinct features of the 4 seasons spark some excitement in most people especially if you live away from the tropics. In these latitudes, the 4 seasons are so distinct that they strike different moods in their inhabitants.

Everyone enjoys the warm sunny summer; the trips, the sandy beaches, swimming and other activities keep the summer interesting and fun. But then comes fall, followed by the winter. At first you might be excited by the first snow, but after a while, you start to feel that winter has overstayed its welcome.

verilux happy light reviews

Your mood becomes gloomy and generally, very few things excite you. If you leave at the arctic, or in Scandinavian countries or in Alaska or Canada, then winter is probably the worst part of the year; which is usually most part of the year.

Most people will stay in and try to raise their modes with TV shows and warm fireplaces, but the general mood stays gloomy. Now Verilux promises you a new way to fight the winter blues and the effect of mood change that comes with seasonal changes. With their Verilux Happy Light, you can now keep your high summer mood all throughout the year.

Can a light really keep you happy and boost your energy levels for the whole year? We are going to explore the secrets of the Verilux light technology, and based on online reviews, we will tell you if it actually works, and even give you it pros and cons.

​Criteria for choosing a mood enhancement lamp

​When daylight is less and sun hides behind the clouds, your mood might also get as gloomy. This becomes worse if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder which usually takes root in winter. So how do you pick the best light therapy device? Here are the things to consider.

exposure to light vs onset of winter blues

The size of the room and the intensity of the lamp matters a lot. If you have a big room and several people are going to benefit from the light, you will need a lamp with more illumination. A low intensity light will be preferred for your work desk. This will keep you from straining your eyes.

Luckily, Verilux offers a range of devices with different light intensities and portability, and some even have lens shades to reduce glare and eye strain. Always choose the light that is comfortable to your eyes from a practical distance.

​Product overview

​The Verilux happy light is a series of lamps designed to boost energy, keep you from being grouchy and keep the winter mood at bay

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​How does it work?

​While you may be skeptical of a light changing your mood, there is actually a science behind it. Our bodies get cues from our environment, and mostly from the light. With minimum sunshine, it has been found that we feel drained and grouchy, but some artificial light can help. Studies have been conducted and it has been found that sitting in front of a light therapy lamp can boost your mood, enhance concentration and raise your energy levels. It has also helped in effective sleep.

There is nothing much behind this light therapy device. It works by stimulating the amount of light your eyes see. Using photopic light to stimulate the cons of the eyes and scotopic light to stimulate the rods of your eye, it reduces the size of the pupil and relaxes the eye. This, along with the bright light, restores balance, energy and mood.

Verilux light technology

Image via verilux

The instructions on these Verilux light therapy devices are quite simple. You can keep the device as close as 6 inches from your body but within 2 feet of your face. You can face the light directly, but it is recommended you place it at the side to avoid glare. You can then continue with your daily activities (breakfast, browsing the computer, watch the TV).

30-60 minutes of light therapy should be enough. The therapy is most effective in the morning, but you can still use it to eliminate the lunch coma. There are two lenses for the light; one that is a little easier to the eye and a high brightness output lens. Along with the on/off switch are two brightness levels as well.

The sun delivers between 32,000 and 100,000 lux (units of measuring light). Verilux has made a range of happy light devices with different lux intensities indicated by their product number. This includes the Verlix happy light 2500, 4500 (4K), 5000 (5K), 6000 (6K), 7500 and 10,000 (10K) series. There are also liberty versions of the same e.g. the liberty 10K or liberty 5K which provides the same results but allow you to move around naturally. The highly compact and portable liberty versions can be hanged and their angles easily adjusted therefore allowing movement.

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More than 80% of people with low energy, fatigue or the Winter Blues may expect to benefit from light therapy. Although it varies from person to person, most feel the effects of light therapy within two to four days

Norman Rosenthal, M.D.
Author of Winter Blues​

So does it really work? Here are the pros and cons based on verilux happy light reviews by consumers.


Things We Liked

  • Brightness the mood of the room
  • Reduces the severity of social anxiety disorder (SAD)
  • Raises your levels of concentration and energy
  • Improves mood and gives you a positive outlook
  • Helps you avoid the winter blues effectively
  • No burning smell of plastic or anything
  • Encourages a more effective sleep
  • Can be used to eliminate fatigue and even jet lag


Things We Didn't Like

  • The bright light might cause you headaches if used for too long the first time round
  • While the brightness is not unbearable, it will seem uncomfortably bright in the first couple of minutes

​Here is the list of Verilux happy light devices you can use

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  • The reviews of the ‘6000’ device here
  • The reviews of the ‘7500’ device here
  • The reviews of the ‘10000’ device here
  • The reviews of the ‘liberty 5000’ device here
  • The reviews of the ‘liberty 7500’ device here
  • And the reviews of the ‘liberty 10000’ device here

​Apart from the Amazon reviews, you can also see the happy light Costco reviews on their online store


​So, will you be purchasing this lamp? The online store reviews are surely impressive, and if you suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, then this is a good place to start. You can now do more in the winter and get back on your feet with a simple lighting therapy

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