Theradome Reviews – How Reliable Are They

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Laser hair growth treatment is the most efficient and powerful treatment for baldness. Further, it is one of the effective treatments for Male Pattern Hair Loss and Female Pattern Hair Loss. If your self-confidence hinders due to progressive hair loss, you need not worry about it. Out of the many reputed methods, Theradome therapy, iGrow laser helmet, and OMG laser helmet are most popular and widely appreciated ‘use at home’ devices due its versatile effectiveness. Theradome reviews can let you have the impressive features of the technology and amazing benefits.

Theradome Reviews - How Reliable Are They

Theradome Laser Helmet:

Theradome Laser Helmet

Theradome is a safe and efficient, and FDA approved Laser Hair Growth Treatment for individual use at home. It uses most advanced innovative Laser Phototherapy devices and produces superior scalp rejuvenating products, helping to restore lost hair. Theradome reviews discuss the advanced therapy features, and how they bring guaranteed result on patients suffering from baldness.

Enjoy your hair growth through Theradome Helmet:

The Theradome laser helmet holds number one place for treating baldness and premature hair fall problems. The Laser hair helmet requires no medical prescription or medication, and you can enjoy healthy hair growth even at your home with your convenient hours. The treatment involves 20 minutes, twice a week sessions with a cordless operation technique to overcome the hair loss.

The laser light triggers the mitochondria at the hair follicle where the hair stem cells located. Soon after the light energy applied, the hair follicles tend to reactivate. Theradome does not need anything from the patient other than wearing the helmet for 20 minutes, twice in a week.

iGrow Laser Helmet

iGrow is an innovative hair growth treatment which uses low-density laser beams to rejuvenate hair follicles and stimulate to regrow hair and also top premature falling. It is a hands-free device, which allows the patient to wear it like a helmet. The product has FDA approval.

How does it work?

How effective is the system?

The device works to provided best results for Male Pattern Baldness, which medically called as Androgenetic Alopecia. The Androgenetic Alopecia, progressively damage the hair follicles forming an irreparable and irretrievable condition leads to permanent baldness.

The iGrow Laser Helmet comes with 30 LED diodes and 21 laser diodes; both shall have different functions. The LED diodes shall produce red light in a range of 650-670 nanometre wavelength, and the laser diodes shall produce red light in a wavelength of 655-nanometre helps to stimulate the hair follicle cells. Therefore, in total you will have 51 diodes targets to beam red light on your head, which is a good offer when we compare to that of a professionally equipped clinic. You can do this at your home, and that make all the difference.

The product is suitable for in home re-growth treatment, helps to stimulate the growth of hair, reducing the thinning process, and stops premature falling of hair, contributes to improving the volume of the hair. It has approved by FDA under FDA 510 certification and allowed to sell for hair fall and hair rejuvenating treatment for men and women.

Fully automatic and pre-programmable:

The clinical studies were very positive as per independent survey and trial studies it shows 35% and 37% hair growth on men and women respectively. The device is fully automatic, comes with 5 pre-programmable sessions easy to operate. Just put on your head and relax. Since the helmet is fully compatible with any MP3 players and iPod, you will have a wonderful relaxation experience.

A recommended session is about 20-25 minute for 4-6 months consistent use for a better result. After that, the patient can use it intermittently one or two times per week. The occasional use needs to continue for maintaining the health of your hair.

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OMG Laser Helmet

OMG, OverMachoGrande, is a laser wire mesh consisting of 300 diodes in a standard format, which is the only LLLT selling the market for home-based hair treatment. The helmet is fully customizable and the number of diodes can increase or decrease as per the patient's requirement and budget.

OMG Laser Helmet

Available in three variant:

As part of customization, the helmet is offering in three variant. Number one is the fully made model by OMG, the second option is the helmet only, and the third option is DIY Kit. The standard recommended diode number is 300 and it can increase up to 450 and come down to 200. The diodes using for making the OMG model are real laser diodes that are using in professional clinics. The customization allows the patients to fix the laser diodes as per the treatment plant and in the required area.

For treating thinning of hair, patients can go for the 450 laser diodes, which is excellent to use for diffuse thinning. The recommended usage frequency is 15-minutes in every alternative day or recommended to use thrice in a week. The session should continue for 6 to 9 months.

Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of the OMG Laser Helmet when used for an extended period treatment about one year, where men with MPHL and women with FPHL showed considerable improvement from thinning of the hair, regrowth and also helped to slow down the progression of hair loss.

Comparison of Theradome vs. iGrow vs. OMG Laser Helmet

It is confusing by seeing the fierce competition between Theradome, iGrow and OMG thinking that all the three are one at the same, but when we look into the number of laser diodes, OMG has better advantage. In reality, the three are working in different mechanism and carries different features. The three products boasts the effectiveness of their product by presenting aggressive customer review feedback. When comparing to Theradome vs. iGrow vs. OMG, all are USA make products.

LPT and LLLT technology:

Theradome is employing Laser Photo Therapy (LPT), and iGrow is using Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) method. The purposes of both technologies are to rejuvenate hair follicles and stimulate to re-grow the hair. As per Theradom's method, their helmet equipped with 80 diodes, which work on 5mW and produce 678 nm wavelengths of laser beams directly on the scalp of the patient. More laser diodes mean, the patient can have intensive treatment. OMG has minimum 300 diodes, and is customizable up to 450 diodes and reduce below 200 diodes.

Treatment duration:

Customer reviews pertained to the treatment is very much encouraging, reported decreased hair fall, and visibly increased regrowth of hair. In addition, as per client feedback, it has found that visibly improved the thickness of the hair. All the three helmets required to use for 15-20 minutes usage every alternative days continuously for one year and after that to continue weekly once to maintain the results.

As per the LLLT technology using by iGrow, the method designed to improve the cellular activities of hair follicles and as a result improved hair growth is offering by the company. iGrow's helmets consisting of 21 laser diodes, powered 5mW, 30 LEDs and produce 655 nm laser beams. The helmet comes with four-way adjustable columns helping to fix the helmet comfortably at the time of use.

iGrow features with an MP3 player and headphone whereas Theradome do not have MP3 features or headphone.

Customizable unit:

OMG Laser Helmet is available in knock down form and in ready to use model. Comparing to Theradome and iGrow, OMG Laser Helmet offers more laser diode. The customization features allow increasing or decreasing the number of laser diodes for an efficient treatment of Male Pattern Hair Loss and Female Pattern Hair Loss. It offers treatment possibilities to the side portion of the head.

Common features:

You can look into the striking feature it has:

  •  Slow down hair fall and stops hair loss permanently
  • If your hair is weak, it strengthens by increasing the follicle size
  • Enhance regrowth of new healthy hair


  • No prescription needed
  • Great effects during and after the treatment
  •  Easy to use, minimum time of wearing that ensures our comfort
  • It suits for the shape of the head with a stylish look


By now, you must have gained some idea of Theradome, iGrow, and OMG Laser Helmet and in what way they are different from one other. Theradome reviews and comparison reviews on iGrow, Theradome and OMG helps to give clearing understanding on the primary functional difference.

All the three laser helmets are equally competent in features, offering promising results for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss, and help to reduce premature falling of hair, and rejuvenate the hair follicle cells and promote the growth of healthy hair.

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