What are the best red light therapy skin cancer prevention products

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Red light therapy is becoming more popular each passing day, especially in the prevention of serious skin deformities such as cancers and melanoma. Red light therapy products may not be the most effective cancer treatment but they can help prevent the risks of contracting such deadly diseases. Red light therapy products for skin treatments are lightweight and petite nature, thus they can be handled much easily at home, or at skin treatment parlours.

Benefits of using Red light therapy for skin cancer treatments

red light therapy skin cancer

Many users also reported that LED therapies are the best scar-treatments, because they possess the power to fade skin imperfections within the shortest possible time. For these reasons, Red light treatment can serve two purposes; as a skin cancer prevention method and as a skin rejuvenation treatment after the removal of a form of skin cancer. Red light therapy provides the following benefits to its users;

  • It can be used in fading away skin diseases such as moles, warts and skin discolouration,
  • It protects the skin against UV rays that are known to trigger the development of several kinds of skin cancer.
  • It is the safest skin-lightening treatment method, especially for those with sensitive skins. The use of chemical skin lightening creams and products can expose your body to skin cancer.
  • Red light therapy can be relied upon to destroy an acne triggering bacterium that thrives inside skin pores.
  • The therapy can be used in healing wounds, and destroying the onset of certain types of skin cancer growth.
  • Red light therapy skin treatment does not come with any form of skin irritation, including burns, thus it is completely safe for use on all kinds of skin types.
  • Red light therapy is multi-purpose in nature; it can be used in dealing with psoriasis, wrinkles, age spots, and rosacea.
  • Skin treated with Red light therapy, will regenerate quickly, therefore there is no down time in healing.
  • It is very cheap, therefore it is a cost effective alternative treatment to surgeries and other forms of skin treatment.

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How to choose the best red light skin cancer treatment products

Choosing the ideal and most suitable red light skin cancer treatment product will depend on certain factors but the most important ones are;

  • Ease of usage of the red light therapy product,
  • Multi-functional usage of the red light product,
  • Safety of usage
  • Level of wavelength at which the product operates
  • Availability of other accessories.

Ideally, the most suitable red light therapy product for the treatment of skin problems, including certain skin cancer, must operate within the wavelength range of 600 and 800 nm. Any red light product operating less than 600nm or more than 800nm will either be too weak or too strong for your skin, therefore the wavelength strength of the product must be considered ahead of all other factors.

Being multi-functional in nature means that the red light product must be capable of handling diverse forms of skin imperfection, in addition to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Safety of usage is also an important factor to consider, your red light therapy product must not increase the sensitivity of your skin regardless of the duration of the treatment. Having extra accessories added to your red light product is an added bonus, some manufacturers may add skin soothing lotion, eye goggles and other protective gears – they should be great price bargain if they are available.

Review of top 3 red light therapy products for cancer treatment

#1 The Photon red light and Microcurrent face massager

This red light product provides a two-in-one function as a skin cancer prevention, and a face massager . This red light therapy involves the application of visible red light to the skin so stimulate the production of collagen , a situation that reduce the development of wrinkles, and fine lines, thus providing a more youthful look.

The Photon red light and Microcurrent face massager

Pro- This product provides an easy-to –use micro-nutrient at 30Hz frequencies, thus , the macronutrient may not be felt but it penetrates deep into the skin to destroy bacteria and other harmful substances in the skin layers. The stimulation of impulses to the skin through a 660nm wavelength radiation ensures that healthier skin cells are generated.

Con- It must be applied at several spots at different times to achieve the best result.

#2: The Baby Quasar PLUS Skincare Therapy Device

This device is best used in treating low levels of collagen , and it requires treatments of 1-3 days a week, to achieve the best result. It can be used effectively and safely in sensitive areas such as the brows, eyes, and nose. This product stimulates collagen production and helps reduce the risks of developing wrinkles.

The Baby Quasar PLUS Skincare Therapy Device

Pro- this product comes with a durable anodized aluminum for effective skin imperfection treatment. It also comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Con- It comes with high price

#3: Trophy Skin BlueMD Acne Light Therapy Device

This is a top range product that specifically targets the treatment and prevention of Acne infections on the skin. It is a modern device that removes acne-triggering bacterium, by penetrating deep into the skin pores. It also reduces inflammation, thus speeding up skin cell regeneration. All you need to do is apply this treatment for 20 minutes a day and 2 days a week, to achieve the best result.

Trophy Skin BlueMD Acne Light Therapy Device

Pro- It is lethal against bacteria infection.


From the review of products above, it is obvious that Photon red light and Microcurrent face massager, is the clear winner here, for several reasons. First it provides a double action against skin cancer formation, secondly, it can work as a face massager to remove dirt from the surface of the skin, and however, the most important fact here is that this product operates at the perfect 660nm wavelength. This product is also the cheapest among the three, as it goes for less than 100$ at retail stores.

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