Red Light Therapy For Muscle Pain

The red light therapy for muscle pain is a natural and photonic therapy, which helps to control pain and promote healing. The treatment works for both humans and animals for controlling pain. The therapy provides a fast pain relief with almost no side effects at all

Red Light Therapy For Muscle Pain

​How does Red Light Therapy help to relieve muscle pain?

​The red light of a particular wavelength can penetrate into cells, and as their wavelength matches with skin tissue, the water or blood cannot block the red light waves. The light has therapeutic effects which promote faster healing of wounds, heals burns, muscle, and joint pain. The device utilizes the ability of the skin to absorb light of a particular wavelength and to convert it into cellular energy and promote the natural healing of the tissues.

What Causes Sore Muscles And Constant Muscle Pain​

​What are the recommendations when using Red Light Therapy for muscle pain?

​Although, the red light therapy for muscle pain does not have any side effects, improper usage of devices can lead to some complications. A slight feeling of warmth and tingling sensation is quite usual, and there is nothing to worry about it. If you have sensitive skin, you need to be careful while using red light devices.

​In the case of any unusual redness or inflammation after using the device, you immediately need to stop using it and consult your doctor. When you use a light therapy device at home, you need to be careful so as not to expose your eyes to the light. You can also use protective eye pads to protect your eyes from exposure to red light.

recommendations when using Red Light Therapy for muscle pain

​What are the Home Red Light Therapy Devices available for muscle pain treatment?

​The machines used by doctors are not cost effective, but now new technologies have developed which can be used to manufacture at-home red light therapy devices. There are a lot of light therapy devices with an improved battery, high voltage and other convenient features in affordable price. In this article, we introduce two excellent Red Light Therapy devices that can play a significant role to reduce and alleviate muscle pain.

​1. Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device

Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device

​The Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device is a therapy device, which is useful for treating sore joints and muscles. It makes use of infrared LED’s that emit light having therapeutic benefits, which penetrate into your muscles.

The innovative and handy design of light relief is lightweight, durable and portable. You can easily stuff it in your backpack bag, and it is easy to use it on any parts of your body.

​How does Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device work?

​It is a natural way to relieve minor aches and muscle pain with absolutely no side effects. The Light Relief device has a base unit which fits into your palm with a flexible light pad. The handheld unit has a display, various buttons, main circuit, and batteries. It has 59 LED’s out of which 31 are red lights, four blue lights, and 24 infrared ones.

The LED arrays emit a stream of soothing light energy in different frequency settings. It has a heat button with on and off option. You need to place the device securely on your hands by using the elastic strap. According to your convenience, you can remove the pad from the unit.

Using the belt, you can secure the unit to any parts of your body where you want to have pain relief. You can use to for 15 minutes daily or according to the instructions of your doctor.

Why do you need Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device?

​Regular heating pads fail to reach deep inside human tissues, whereas, light relief does. It is capable of penetrating into tissues and warms muscles and joints. The infrared light increases blood circulation while relieving muscle pain, stiffness, and joint pain.

It works well for arthritis pain and is very efficient when compared to ordinary heating pads. If you live in cold climates, it comes handy for relieving minor stiffness and joint pain due to the effect of climatic changes.

2. NEW Dual Infrared & RED Light Therapy Speeds Healing 120 LED’s

NEW Dual Infrared & RED Light Therapy Speeds Healing 120 Leds

NEW Dual Infrared & RED Light Therapy is a device having 120 LED’s which gives an ultra-speedy healing. The array of lights contains both red and infrared light beams emitting leds. So, you can either use Infrared therapy of red light therapy, according to the type of your pain. It comes with two switches which let you choose between the two lights, and there is also an option to use both lights together.

How does NEW Dual Infrared & RED Light Therapy work?

​With 120 LED’s, New Dual light therapy is a powerful and compact device which can cover more area. You can use it in areas where you have pain for 10-15 minutes regularly or 2 times a day. Fixing the duration of usage must be as per the instructions of your doctor. The device is even able to work through bandages to some extent.It has a long cord of about 3 feet so that you can move it around the home. It doesn’t come with a strap, but it perfectly fit your hands. If you want to use with a belt, a DIY strap will work well, or you can use attachments.

Infrared light helps you to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness whereas red light tightens your skin, heals acne scars, and removes fine wrinkles. If you need to have the benefits of both infrared and red light, you can use them together.​

Why do you need New Dual Infrared & RED Light Therapy?

​The device has a total of 120 lights, out of which there are 56 infrared LED’s and 64 red lights. The infrared LED’s emit light of frequency 660 nm, and red lights emit energy of 850 nm. The wavelength of the light engineered to matches with the wavelength of human tissue, and that is how it works flawlessly on human cells and tissues to reduce the pain.

When the light beams with the similar wavelength of that of human cells, the waves encounter the skin. The waves can easily penetrate into the tissues, and they get absorbed into your blood stream soon. This is how NEW Dual Infrared & RED Light Therapy differs from other devices and is capable of giving you better results which other devices cannot.


​The red light therapy for muscle pain is an alternative treatment, which is different from taking painkillers. With the use of light therapy devices, you can treat your muscle pain with almost negligible side effects. If you use consistently, it can completely eradicate muscle pain and stiffness forever. Therefore, do not forget to use it continuously.

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