IRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review – FDA-Cleared Laser Hair Loss Treatment

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​Combating hair loss has become a common challenge for the modern man. Men are the most affected by hair loss, but not exclusively. While hair loss is accelerated by the Androgenic Alopecia genetic condition in men, women suffer equally frustrating symptoms that result from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This makes hair loss treatment a lifetime task for this kind of people.

IRestore Laser Hair Growth

There are several methods you can resort to manage hair loss. It is easy for men to decide to go bald instead of trying to regrow their hair. For others, the easiest option is wearing a toupee, but at the end of the day, the results are not satisfying. You might also want to consider hair implants surgery, but not a lot of people can stomach the pain, let alone afford the bill. Now, here is the real deal that will fit your schedule and pocket and help to take the embarrassing moments away; the iRestore laser hair growth system.

Who says that laser technology is only effective for hair removal? This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about the iRestore hair restoration device; how it works and if it really works. At the end of it all, we will give you its pros and cons based on online consumer reviews. A quick recommendation will then let you know if it is safe to try this revolutionary device.

What is iRestore hair growth system?

Freedom Laser Therapy has been dedicated to making laser therapy devices since 2003. In a bid to treat hair loss, they came up with the iRestore low level laser therapy (LLLT) device. iRestore is a wearable helmet-like device that provides comfort, convenience and ease of use for hair loss treatment. The device promises significant results, clearing hair loss and allowing growth of healthier hair within 12-24 weeks.

How the iRestore hair growth system works

Weighing only 1.7 pounds with a dimension of 10.7 x 9.2 x 6.1 inches, the iRestore hair restoration laser therapy device fits easily on your head with its helmet design. This ensures that the light is aimed directly to the scalp. So how does it work?

Low light laser therapy has been severally clinically proven to counter hair loss, regrow hair, and encourage the growth of fuller and thicker hair. iRestore uses a 650nm red light on 51 laser and LED lights. The light is absorbed by hair follicles where it boosts cell metabolism, energy and blood circulation, which in turn leads to the growth of healthier hair. Inactive hair follicles are also stimulated to regrow hair.

​Watch as Dr. Larsen, an expert in laser and light therapy, explains the science behind iRestore's hair growth technology

​Source: irestorelaser

If regularly used (25 minutes a day on nonconsecutive days) along with other hair products like shampoos and other supplements, the device promises great results within 12 - 24 weeks. For safety purposes, always make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before beginning the therapy.

The science of hair restoration​

How to use the iRestore laser therapy device safely

Lasers can be dangerous if mishandled. The good thing is that this device uses low level laser energy, but still it will be catastrophic if you look directly into the laser lights with your eyes. The directions are quite simple, dry your hair thoroughly and do not use any supplements till after the session to avoid steam and smoke caused by the device heating the water and hair products.

Wear the helmet on your head and power it on. Switch it off after 25 minutes. You can then go ahead and use your hair products if you desire. The cell stimulation and blood circulation resulting from the therapy will improve the functionality of your hair products. It is advised you use this device only once daily on non-consecutive days.

iRestore hair growth system reviews

It is now time to put the iRestore system to the test. Does it really work? What are the pros and cons of using the device? Here is what makes this device revolutionary. Does the device live up to all it says it can do? Here is what online consumer reviews said about the iRestore laser hair growth system.

Things We Liked

Increases hair growth and reduces hair loss

Clinical tests and consumer reviews indicate that the iRestore system can indeed increase the growth of your hair. If you have a balding head or your hairline is residing, this device promises to reverse these effects.

Thickens thinning hair

Before you starting losing hair, it first begins by thinning. If you notice your hair is thinning, regular use of this device will make your hair grow into a full thick size within weeks.


As a faith in their product, Freedom Laser Therapy offers you a refund if their product does work for you in the first 6 months.

Hands-free and easy to use hair therapy

Unlike other hair products that require you to get your hands messy, the iRestore system offers an easy hands-free treatment without the side effects of drugs and hair supplements.


​iRestore laser hair growth system results after 6 months of use

​Image credit:iRestorelaser

Things We Didn't Like

Uncomfortable helmet

If the helmet does not fit, it might be uncomfortable for you.

 Burnt scalp on the first few treatment session

The iRestore device produces a warming treatment from the lights. If you have a thin or sensitive scalp, you might notice a few burns in the first few days of use. Please discontinue use if the burning persists.


If you have Androgenic Alopecia, a balding scalp, residing hairline or thinning hair, iRestore will help you to stop hair loss, regrow fuller hair and improve the quality of hair on your head. Having been cleared by the FDA 510(K), the device is completely safe for home use; although you have to be over 18 years old to order it. All in all, it is a pretty solid and easy place to begin your hair loss therapy.


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Mason T. - 7 months ago

I have been using this for 3 months now. It REALLY WORKS!! I couldn’t believe it when my hair dresser told me my bald patches were filling in and my hair feels fuller. It’s quite incredible…I wish I had found out about this earlier!

    Wendy Burchfield - 7 months ago

    Congratulations Mason. It really works! Thank you for leaving the comment

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