Top 3 Best Intranasal Light Therapy Devices 2017 Reviews

Light therapy technology and its products have been around in the healthcare market for quite some time now, and one must say, they have proven their worth and efficacy. Following the developments of light radiations and their effects on the well – being of skin and bodily health, researchers have gone one step further to unleash this technology and use it for the well – being of the human brain. Intranasal light therapy, also known as Intranasal Photobiomodulation (PBM), is a novel therapeutic area that focuses on the introduction of infrared and red light into the nasal cavity so as to improve brain functioning.

Best Intranasal Light Therapy Devices Review

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The nasal cavity is targeted due to the underlying fact that the number of capillaries and blood vessels in the nasal cavity is more than anywhere else in our body. Eventually, this results in higher blood flow in the nose as compared to any other body part. Intranasal light therapy has shown great results in neurological healing of the brain and also tends to stimulate cells that strengthen and calm it. This light therapy is beneficial for improving cognition, helping with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, dementia, migraines and other brain impairments.

What you need to know about Intranasal Light Therapy and how does it work?

The obvious question would now be – Does Intranasal Light Therapy work? Well, find all your answers here! This FDA tested and cleared technology is now available in the form of small devices you can use at home, the device consists of a LED that emits red light or infrared light which can be clipped on one side of the nose in order to let the light radiation enter the nasal cavity.

The numerous blood vessels and tissues in the nasal passage absorb this light. Due to the thinness of the membrane at the back of this passage, the lights easily pass into the brain. The healing effects of this light then take over, and the light energy is absorbed by the blood vessels which stimulate blood flow.

The blood vessels dilate, more blood flows to the brain, blood pressure comes down, oxygenation gets improved, and the cells receive more energy. This further results in greater efficiency in the functioning of the cells, some special chemical and biological changes occur in the brain.

In case you are wondering how a single device can be so useful and effective against so many diseases, then you must know that the Intranasal therapy naturally stimulates our body to heal itself. In doing so, it addresses a lot of health conditions that renders it so useful.

The wavelength of light that is transmitted by the LED is similar to that of the alpha waves that are present in the brain in a state of meditation. The beneficiary effects of this therapy are not just limited to the brain but spread throughout the body through circulation of the blood.

How to use the Intranasal light therapy

This treatment works by employing a device that consists of a LED which is to be pointed inside the nasal cavity. It is a small, lightweight, portable device that does not produce any heat or causes any irritation. Red light is emitted by the diode, and it does not cause any discomfort at all. A clamp is provided so as to keep the diode in place inside the nostril. A battery powered controller unit is attached at the other end of this device which has an automatic timer and also a battery indicator.

The device can go on to function for around 20 hours before needing a recharge. It is a hands – free device that lets you accomplish other tasks while you are relaxing. Everyday use is recommended, 20 -30 minutes usage every day before bedtime delivers the best results. The Intranasal light therapy only promises to reduce symptoms and not provide a long term cure of any kind.

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Side Effects of Intranasal Light Therapy

This therapy is supported by a lot of scientific study and evidence that proves its efficacy in treating multiple diseases. There are not any major side effects in regards to the Intranasal light therapy. Furthermore, it is an entirely natural healing process which gives the body the power to heal itself. A completely non– invasive therapy this one, it’s a cost effective and convenient method to fight against illness and its symptoms.

Researchers have analyzed the results of this miraculous product on patients, which look highly effective and progressive. To add to this, it has been tested for electrical safety and has been rendered safe to use. Regular use of this therapy does improve the quality of life for patients, if not cure them completely.

Intranasal Light Therapy Products Reviews

VieLight 663 Intranasal Device Review

The first – of – its – kind Intranasal device was the VieLight 663. It was developed to focus non – laser light or red light into the nostril to reach up to the brain and help with cognitive repairs and diseases. It uses the wavelength of light that corresponds to red light, that is, 663 nm. Small, convenient to use, lightweight, this device is very capable and durable and has been known to improve cellular stimulation and function. Comes with a one year warranty and can be returned within 6 months with complete money back guarantee.


  • Very efficient, lightweight, cost-effective and proven to work wonders and heal the body.


  • Not rechargeable, battery – operated, may require goggles to be used while administration.

VieLight 810 Intranasal Device Review

This device is similar to the VieLight 663 in functioning except for a few points. Firstly, the wavelength of light used here is 810 nm, which is the Infrared spectrum of light. Secondly, this infrared light is much more efficient and effective since it is able to penetrate deeper inside the brain and target even further sections of our brain. It provides tender brain stimulation and helps it calm down, relax and heal itself. This infrared light is invisible to the naked human eye and thus requires one to be more careful while using it.


  • Greater efficacy in treating and healing the brain and body, infrared light is at the core of this device. Worth your investment and time.


  • Since infrared light is not visible to the naked eye, one needs to be more careful while the device is on.
  • Goggles are required to be used while administration and sleepiness is induced as an effect of this therapy.

HailiCare Phototherapy Treatment Device Review

Mainly focused on relieving and alleviating allergies, fever, headaches, migraines and other such issues, the HailiCare device is simple and effective. Non – invasive and innovative, this device uses laser light to address the symptoms of headaches, cold, fever, etc. Just use it for 5 minutes, up to 3 times a day to feel better. It is an effective alternative for nasal, ear and eye drops. It can be used when antihistamines do not show much difference in the state of fever and cold.


  • Lightweight, cost-effective, intranasal therapy is effective and adequate to eliminate the need for medicines.


  • Needs 3 batteries to function, has a lesser area of application that the VieLight which is effective against many more symptoms and diseases.


In conclusion, we have only good reviews about Intranasal light therapy and the products available in the market for the same. This therapy has light at its core and proves to be efficient, so much so that medicines and painkillers could be eliminated in the presence of these devices. Researchers are looking at even better ways to bring this technology closer to your home, and the full power of light therapy for treating patients against more symptoms and illnesses is yet to be unleashed.

Hope this article was useful to you to know about this growing medicinal area and to decide on the product best suited for you!

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