Red Light Therapy reviews

What is red light therapy? Does red light therapy work?! Let's get started!

​Red Light Therapy will be a specific way of skin treatment that will include infrared to heal acne problems and disorders. In the following, there are some very reliable and unbiased information about this type of therapy that has become a universally useful weapon for the skin specialists to treat almost 90% acne problems and diseases. Secondly, this is a well known anti-aging therapy that costs less, but gives more benefits.

Red Light Therapy reviews

​What is Red Light Therapy? Is red light therapy good for you​

​One emerging kind of anti-aging curing method is getting mass popularity in recent days, however it has been well known for a long time by giving awesome results. NASA discovered this treatment that is based upon the infrared light. Furthermore, most people ask question that why it is called RED light therapy and why NASA characterized infrared light beams only. Sure, these two questions will play a key role to expose some unknown facts. 

  • ​First, RED light has better composition, effects and usefulness to human health than rest of colorful lights.
  • Secondly, infrared has greater wavelengths and health friendly intensity which patients can tolerate.

​Infrared beams will penetrate deeper in the skin and then will also yield many expected as well as targeted therapeutic health benefits. For example, if RED light therapy is applied to a girl or woman, then this treatment will heal skin injury, remove blemishes, dark circles, spots, make the appearance good, soften the skin and glow.

Finally, RED light therapy will based upon only the infrared and there will be no use of ultraviolet beams that are much risky for human skin. It is said by globally famous skin care institutes and acne specialists that RED light therapy has become a bigger treatment weapon for the physicians and skin specialists to cure all of acne issues

​Does red light therapy work? Principle of red light therapy

​Yes. It works and Red light therapy is not only specified to skin disorders and infections, because this can be more effective in several other health complications. It is important to be known on which principles or rules this therapy is based on, because this will let everyone efficiency, working and results of red light therapy.

	does red light therapy work

Red light is used in this therapy that has greater wavelength and mass intensity. In Western countries, physicians mostly use this therapy to treat sleep disorders, mental stress and other infections. Principle of red light therapy is little specific, because it totally differs from other color therapies applied to human body.

​Principle on which, red light therapy is based will have some steps

  • First, when the infrared beams are emitted from a capable source, then these rays of infrared will penetrate deeply in human skin up to 8 to 10 mm
  • Secondly, these light rays will also control blood circulation and later these will cure the infected areas faster

In the meanwhile, damaged skin cells are restored and healed completely. However, there might be some rare and few common side effects which patients may experience during regular therapy sessions. It is more effective to relieve acute and chronic pain, swelling and skin allergy

What are red light therapy medical benefits and why people need red light therapy?

​Red light therapy is quite different from other colored and light beam based therapies used to cure the skin, brain and physical disorders. However, red light therapy is considered a safer and more reliable treatment than medication, implementation of antique tricks, surgery and other products that heal skin and brain disorders faster. Cosmetic products are also useful to glow and recover skin from injuries, but all of these tactics may have chronic side effects and health complications.

​That is why; red light therapy is used to cure many of external skin problems and mental stress. On the other side, there are some big facts and reasons associated why people need this therapy.

  • First, when freezing temperature destroy the skin, color and softness, then most people go for using cosmetic brands, but in fact red light therapy may be cheaper, safer, better and more trusted than these products
  • Secondly, this therapy has some side effects, but not much serious and risky as medicines and creams have
  • Thirdly, it is an excellent and experimentally approved therapy that would glow skin and play a role in getting the anti-aging motives
  • Finally, it gives better outcomes within less timeframe. The treatment is medically attested for faster collagen production and promotion.

​What is red light treatment? is red light therapy safe and who needs red light therapy?

​Red light therapy is not specified to some people or patients, but it is equally beneficial for everyone who suffers from infections, mental disorders and skin problems. However, the people having seasonal affective disorder, acne issues and other identified infections will need better treatment methods like red light therapy.

Women are excessively interested in this therapy, because they find it extremely useful, cheapest and best result creating for anti-aging purposes. That is why; red light therapy is much well known for anti-aging motives than mental disorder healing and depressing relieving. If anyone suffers from health complications or further injuries, then he or she must stop this therapy.

Does red light therapy work? Here are some results of red light therapy for skin problems

red light therapy before and after
red light therapy before and after pictures

red light therapy before and after pictures. image via:

​When you have seasonal, non-seasonal affective disorders, skin problems, brain stress, severe pain in deeper skin and muscle aches, then red light therapy will work better and heal all of these injuries. For anti-aging treatments, this therapy will give you awesome outcomes within 4 consecutive weeks. If the disease or infection is complex, then this timeframe will be longer.

You have to apply red light therapy just for 4 to 6 weeks to achieve your anti-aging benefits. If you have something irritating at your skin or wrinkles, then the therapy must be continued until expected goals are not fully attained.

Is red light therapy safe? red light therapy side effects

​Fundamentally, medical research has proved that red light therapy is completely safe for everyone, but extensive use may cause of some infections or disorders, but not chronic. Secondly, you can also use this therapy along with other treatments for recovery of physical and mental health.Thirdly, this therapy should be used when you have completed consultation with your therapist and physician.

microdermabrasion before and after pics
microdermabrasion before and after

Suppose, if you experience some side effects or no result even after the use of therapy for 4 weeks, then you should return to your therapist and discuss zero outcomes of the red light therapy. On the other side, there might be some casual and few serious side effects of red light therapy.

​When you are regularly taking this therapy to any of your body part, then you must observe the results, effects and usefulness. However, if you do not find it well for your health, then you should stop it. Red light therapy may deliver following side effects to the users.

  • Face redness
  • Skin roughness and allergy
  • Peeling and crusting
  • Rapid changes in skin color and tone
  • Aches and skin fatigue
  • Visual disturbance or eye infection
  • Severe headache
  • Agitation
  • Nausea in special cases
  • Continuous sweating
  • Muscle and tissue infections

Red light therapy side effects

​How to use red Light Therapy?

​When you are interested to administer red light therapy to your infected body part, then first you have to select a right device or machine. These therapy devices mostly range to various sizes. Anyway, when you have picked the right one, then first you have to remove the makeup brands, cosmetics even the skin care lotion.

For this, you should wash the face or skin by warm water that will cleanse the skin where red light therapy is needed to apply. Skin of affected area must be moisture free and totally dry. Now, you have to place the light source to injured or infected part of the skin and then put its filter to exactly affected place.

​Duration of placing light to skin should be average that supports the therapy process. However, if you have some bigger red light therapy devices, then you should keep it about 2 inches away from the skin and reduce duration. It would be better for you to sit before the mirror on a table and then carefully use therapy to get better results.

This application instructions are just for the healing of skin ailment, but for other disorders the duration and number of application of device will differ. Similarly, for anti-aging objectives you should also apply therapy 3 to 4 times a day regularly at least for 6 weeks.

​Best Red Light Therapy Machines Reviews

​In the markets, there are dozens of small and large sized red light therapy machines which you can use for various disorders and skin treatments. Some of these machines have been reviewed deeply to evaluate pros, cons and other detail.

​1. TENDLITE Anti-Inflammatory Red Light Joint Pain Therapy with Case

​This one is very famous red light therapy product with medical grade, anti-inflammatory features and appropriate for joint pain relief. You can apply this machine or brand to any part of the body for complete joint pain relief. Users may use it for a number of inflammatory ailments like Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, back pain, joint aches and neck spiral pain etc.

​On the other side, it is completely drug free and you will never addicted to this product that is a mass brand to overcome joint aches. It aids natural and existing healing process in human body.

Sure, it will never have any side effect as the red light therapy machines and brands usually have. In the start, it starts working and relieves the pain of patients only, but with passage of time and regular therapy it will reduce pain intensity and then recover the body part from such troubles.

Definitely, it will have a case and manual for the guidance of users. You can administrate it at home and keep in your pocket. It offers easy, painless and safe treatment. Generally, this therapy machine is equally effective and useful for everyone who suffers from mentioned health disorders and physical injuries​

​2. RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb – 640 to 660 nm and 400 to 415 nm

​In 21st century, RubyLux Power therapy machine is the one that has red and blue LED bulbs with various intensity that emits the beams of light in different wavelengths. These LED bulbs are better in light and performance than traditional light therapy products.

Measurements of wavelengths tell us that RED LED bulbs will have 640 to 660 nm wavelengths. However, total numbers of LED bulbs in this product are 38. Wavelengths of the blue LED light bulbs will range from 400 to 415 nm that are lesser than RED light bulbs. All LED lights or tiny bulbs are closely set together.

​LED lights have light emitting diodes with greater efficiency, intensity and premium quality. Working of this machine is the same as some of nominated formal products, however the results gained from this red and blue light therapy machine will be better and closer to the expected outcomes. Uses of this brand are growing among the people across this world.

USA is the leading country or region where this LED based product is being extremely utilized. However, it is available in few markets only in limited stock. It means this will be little hard to track the product in global markets and online retail stores.

​3. NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine

​This is a therapy machine that is based upon the Photon and it is one that has attained much fame for best facial and skin treatment. In general, this product is characterized with a number of features and health benefits. Most women use this brand for anti-aging purposes.

Secondly, it is a special innovation for removal of wrinkles, lines, pores and blemishes from face as well as hands. It is a perfect solution for stimulation of collagen production and then boosting this amount to a high level. Later on, the excessive production of collagen plays a vital part to smooth the lines and wrinkles on acne

​Generally, women in Europe and West use this product for reduction of pores, acne blemishes, age spots and dark circles on cheeks. Latest technology has been employed to innovate this machine that has three major colors to emit light beams to any targeted area on face or other parts of body.

Wavelengths of all input lights vary from each other; yellow light has 590 nm, blue light has 470 nm and red light has 630 nm wavelengths. This machine is easily foldable and can be used for neck and face therapy. You will get awesome results within less timeframe, however its base price is little high than other products

​4. Project E Beauty Mini Foldable PDT LED 7 Color Photon Therapy

​This is an industry leading therapy machine that has a combination of seven different colors in which red, yellow and blue are major shades. Secondly, this machine is totally foldable and can be used for skin care at home and in salon.

It consists of Collagen Protein firm and ion gel for acne care. However, the machine is equally useful for women to get anti-aging benefits. It has multiple application options, health features and anti-aging benefits

​You will never suffer from any problem when using this machine for skin care therapy. Basically, this latest brand is much famous for skin glow, fairness, smoothness, better blood circulation below skin and acne improvement.

​Machine includes seven different colors with various wavelengths like red 630 nm, purple 600 nm, orange 610 nm, yellow 590 nm, green 527 nm, cyan 470 nm and blue 463 nm. All these colors get mixed with each other to give some specific color combinations that affect skin layer at outer side and in the depth. All these colors are helpful for therapists to heal the skin allergies and other disorders sharply. When you apply this machine to some terribly affected skin part, then combination of red, yellow and blue lights will activate the enzymes and restore natural look of the face.

​5. Anti-Aging Red LED Light Therapy 38 LED Bulb for Fine Lines & Wrinkles 660nm

​This red light therapy product is specified for fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, red pimples on acne and anti-aging objectives. In general, this single brand carries dozens of health features and skin polishing benefits for women who always get worried of unattractive face and dark skin. You can use this machine at home as well as in salon.

Machine has 38 LED bulbs of red color with particular wavelength 660 nm and improved intensity which human skin can easily tolerate. Product has natural anti-aging stuff that maximizes production of collagen which directly fills pores, fine line and larger wrinkles on the skin

​All 38 therapeutic LED lights with massive intensity, red beams and wavelengths of 660 nm cure the acne problems. Secondly, this machine is also famous for reducing clots and deeper line son skin. As a result of this operation, you will feel your skin glowing, improved, spare of all blemishes and tendered.

There will be no harmful ultraviolet rays that may burn the skin and increase circles on skin. LED bulbs are fitted to standard fitting of 110v to 120v. This product gives guarantee of wrinkles and fine line removal just within 30 days. It is cheap skin care brand which you can buy from various online and real stores.