Top 3 Best Microdermabrasion Machines reviews-The Ultimate Buyers Guide

A microdermabrasion machine simply helps in the resurfacing of the skin, making it more youthful by rejuvenating it with newer and healthier skin cells and tissues. An ideal machine must be able to optimize the use of vacuum extraction, and must not be invasive; however, not all microdermabrasion machines do have all these features, so in this article we will help you to choose a best professional microdermabrasion machine and at home microdermabrasion machine. Let's get started!

microdermabrasion machine

​If you have knowledge about microdermabrasion machines, no need to read the brief reviews

​Let’s check TOP 2 best microdermabrasion machine we picked

​1. Silk’n Revit Microderm Device

2. At Home Microdermabrasion Machine NV60​

What’s good and what’s bad of microdermabrasion machines? How to choose a best microdermabrasion system for home use and professional use?

​Here are some results you can expect from using a microdermabrasion machine

​Microdermabrasion before and after(results)

microdermabrasion before and after
microdermabrasion before and after pics
microdermabrasion before and after photos

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1. Silk’n Revit Microderm Device reviews

​This is another top microdermabrasion product that has been clinically tested to be effective and easy to use. It requires a daily usage of every 3-4 days or twice a week. This microdermabrasion device comes with a head that has three-detachable components, the diamond-peeling tip of the head is one of the components , and it produces a younger, radiant and more beautiful skin that keeps you happy all day long

​The device will also help improve the appearance of scars and wrinkles right from the moment you start using it. It works perfectly to remove 100% dead skin cells, and use vacuum stimulation to draw them away from your skin pores

​This product comes with a user manual that simplifies the entire procedure for the use of the device. The device provides clinical-proven results within the shortest possible time. It works in three simple steps: Exfoliates, extracts  and Infuse.

  • As an exfoliator, Silk’n Revit Microderm makes use of the Diamond tip, and for about 5 minutes on the face, this device exfoliates deeply into the skin layers on the face and neck
  • As an extractor, the device will extract the oily sebum alongside all bacteria buildup in the pore, complete. The skin pore extraction tip will help prevent any breakouts in the future, by reducing pore sizes; therefore one can say that this extraction process helps eliminate bacteria and excess oil. The extraction process comes after exfoliation
  • As an infuser, this device infuses creams and new serums into the skin(it infuses these contents deep down the skin layers for maximum effect), and the infusion tip ensures that the device works faster and more effective

Silk’n Revit Microderm Device is suitable for all types of skin, and you can adjust its settings accordingly to suit your skin’s needs. You can apply the product on your neck, forehead, chin, hands, feet, and around your eyes and nose.

The device can reduce the appearance of age spots on hands, feet and face, and can ameliorate your skin tone, while improving its texture and elasticity. The 100% ultra-powerful diamond peeling performed by this device is can help blur skin irregularities within few days; it softens the fine lines on your face, for a radiant and younger-looking skin. The product has a fantastic ergonomic design that makes it user-friendly.

​Silk’n Revit Microderm Device was developed by the famous Home Skinovations Ltd. The award-winning and internationally acclaimed company is a leader in aesthetics devices for home use, with the main mission of developing the safest and most effective Home-based consumer devices. Silk’n Revit Microderm Device has featured in the Oprah Magazine, and the Rachael Ray show, just to name a few, and has won numerous products of the year awards.

How to use microdermabrasion machine ​Silk’n Revit at home?

In order to use Silk’n Revit Microderm effectively, you need to

  • Wash your face, neck, feet, hand or any other part you want to treat, with a bar soap and clean water
  • Then set the product by removing the peeling tip from its front cover cone, and clean it immediately
  • Replace the used filter on the tip with a new one, and re-attach all the parts together.
  • Setting the peeling intensity you want, for your skin, to set the product on “Low”, simply press the ON button for the second time, and to set it on high, simply press the “ON’ button twice.

​To begin the facial microdermabrasion treatment, simply hold the device like a pencil, and then glide the tip to the skin and slowly run it over the treated part of the skin slowly for a complete coverage(make sure you follow the stroking diagram suggested in the manual, and make sure you treat each part of the affected area for about 5 minutes each).

At the end of the final treatment session, turn the device off by hitting the “ON” button for the third time; for instance, press the “ON” button once if you are in full suction mode, or twice if you are on partial suction mode. You can wash your face with cool water after treatment, and then apply a moisturizer such as Dead sea mineral cream.

Make sure you read the instructions on the manual before using he product; for instance, the manual says, you must consult your doctor if you have conditions such as; undiagnosed lesions, a recent Herpes outbreak, Warts, Sunburn, Active Rosacea, auto-immune disorders, skin cancer, and Vascular lesions.​

​silk'n revit at home microdermabrasion review . How does it work video

​Pros and Cons of Silk’n Revit Microderm Device

Things We Liked

  • Its 3-way dermabrasion treatment makes it effective for dealing with the most stubborn skin imperfections

Things We Didn't Like

  • People with extremely sensitive skin will have to rinse their face thoroughly before treatment

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​2. At Home Microdermabrasion Machine NV60

At Home Microdermabrasion Machine NV60, is another microdermabrasion product highly recommended for individuals suffering from various forms of skin imperfections. What makes this product ideal is that it is safe for all types of skins, and does not make use of Crystals. This product is also free of chemicals or lasers, and makes use of a 60cmHg vacuum suction alongside a 2mm friction depth

The device can help individuals suffering from enlarged skin pores (with enlarged skin pores, your skin becomes more susceptible to all sorts of skin problems, including sunburns, pigmentations, wrinkles and age spots).

​Microdermabrasion Machine NV60 is designed to refine, rejuvenate and then soften your skin. This product comes with all needed accessories, therefore there is no need looking for such elsewhere. The product does not only work on the face, it also works perfectly on other parts of the body, including the hands, feet, chin, neck and back. You should be able to get a perfect result within the first 3 weeks of usage, but most people say they achieve the best results within 1 month.

​When you consider the amount of money spent at beauty salons, with the fractional cost of Microdermabrasion Machine NV60, you will definitely agree to the fact that this product is cost-effective. Due to the fact that there are no crystals forced into the skin, this product is not invasive at all, and it makes it even more ideal for the treatment of sensitive areas such as those below and around the eyes, lips and nose. Microdermabrasion Machine NV60 is very safe for all skin types, whether it is dry, or oily.

Things We Liked

  • The multi-setting makes it ideal for all types of skin, and it is not as complex as some other microdermabrasion products in the market

Things We Didn't Like

  • Though, it is ideal for all kinds of skins but you still need to soak your face in water and dry clean before applying the treatment, if you have a sensitive skin

Operation At Home Microdermabrasion Machine NV60 video

​3. RejuvadermMD by Trophy Skin Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

This personal microdermabrasion machine is designed to exfoliate and resurface the skin through the utilization of skin pore vacuum extraction. This is a spa-grade anti-ageing, and it is capable of quickly reducing wrinkles and fine lines , effectively from the surface of the skin. For this reason, this product is one of the most effective for the reduction and removal of age and liver spots. Individuals who suffer from acne scars. This microdermabrasion also helps reverse damages caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

RejuvadermMD by Trophy Skin Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

RejuvadermMD by Trophy Skin Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine is effective and rated as one of the best because it comes with a dual-action exfoliation and extraction system, whereby a Diamond tip is used in the extraction process plus a vacuum motor for suctioning out the sebum , alongside dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads from the pores of the skin. This tool or system comes with varying speeds that can be altered for suctioning different areas of the skin , to achieve the best possible result.

It  is lightweight and portable, likewise, it is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that is capable of removing dirt, skin debris, blemishes, imperfections and uneven skin pigmentation. It exfoliates your face and body gently without any side effect or pain, giving you a healthier, more radiant and beautiful skin

RejuvadermMD  comes with 1 year warranty. The product comes with an effect whereby creams and serums included, will infuse gently and deep into your skin, and this will make your skin feel fresher. You need to maximize the effectiveness of this 100% safe and non-invasive skin care because it helps in restoring cell activity within and underneath your skin, it will also help you replenish your skin’s nutrients, and promote your skin health.

How to use microdermabrasion machine at home. Video from

Things We Liked

  • RejuvadermMD by Trophy Skin Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine comes with 4-power level of suction; therefore treatment can penetrate all through the layers of the skin.
  • It comes with a simple operation technique, and it is quite portable and convenient for usage at home or while traveling.
  • You need to apply this device just few times a week and for 5 minutes at a time.

Things We Didn't Like

  • It can be quite expensive for those looking for a cheap device

​Final thoughts on choosing a best microdermabrasion machine!

​The use of home-made microdermabrasion should be handled with caution, and the reason being that, there is little or no supervision while you are using such product, therefore, you will be responsible for any mistake that may occur. When choosing a best microdermabrasion machine, make sure you go for the most convenient one, even if it is not the most effective. It is important that you choose a product that will work best for your skin imperfection and not just go for a product designed for multi-purpose usages.

A rule you must follow in this situation is that you must check out reviews of each microdermabrasion product that you identified and read up reviews on each of them, by doing this, you will be able to identify the products that directly attend to situations similar to yours.

Don’t get carried away by prices of home microdermabrasion products , the cheapest or most expensive may not be the most suitable, similarly, the one with the most accessories may be the best price-bargain for you but not necessarily the most effective. Home-made Microdermabrasion products are generally non-invasive, therefore they are safe , regardless of which type or brand you go for.


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Erin - 11 months ago

I will be purchasing this machine soon and I wanted to know if the manual was easy to follow, but you help a ton thanks

Dana Mills - 10 months ago

Wendy! Will this machine remove age spots…brown spots.

    Wendy Burchfield - 10 months ago

    Dana! It certainly can, but it really depends on the depth and type. First, check with a dermatologist first to make sure the brown spots are not related to a medical condition such as skin cancer. It is not likely, but certainly better to be cautious about it. If you get a clean bill of health from your dermatologist, then you can choose the proper model for what you need

Charless - 10 months ago

I ordered one device. I got a very skimpy manual with only a few pages and not thorough instructions on how to use the machine. It’s just a couple of pieces of paper stapled together in fact. How can I get the manual it is supposed to come with?

    Wendy Burchfield - 10 months ago

    Contact the seller you bought it from. If that does not work, then please contact me. However, you should really get it from the original vendor There are a lot of copy versions out there, and the functions are not the same as the original product, so our manual may not be suitable for what you purchased

Jose - 10 months ago

Hi, Wendy! The manual states vacuum intensity levels in Hg for different areas but there are no measurements on the actual vacuum dial, only a minimum, and max level. For example vacuum pressure of 12-22 Hg is recommended for the face of normal skin. How do I know what this is on the dial?

    Wendy Burchfield - 10 months ago

    Thank you for the question. There are many different models online. They may all look the same, but they are actually different. Where did you buy it from? Once I know the model, then I can be of further assistance

Sujyra - 10 months ago

Hello, Wendy. Thank for great post
Is this good for rosacea?

emma - a few months ago

Hello Wendy
Thanks for sharing your tips, deciding which microdermabrasion to buy can be tough, what should one look for how much should one pay etc.with your well-informed tips, you`ve just made this easy.
With the spa treatment costing so much and given that one need several visits to see results, home microdermabrasion machine is the way to go.
Very informative.

Elize Crouch - a few months ago

Wendy, thank you for the reviews and helping with machine selection. I always like seeing real experience rather than just marketing hype that’s usually not entirely true from my experience.

Wilkster - a few months ago

Yes, I’ve used this machine & It gave stunning changes. I can clearly look out the before & after changes. Using of microdermabrasion provides so many benefits from adults to oldster.

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