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Infrared Light Therapy: The Ultimate Guide

​With over a hundred products available presently working on Infrared light technology, it has become imperative to understand and make it clear to our readers what really lies at the core of such products. The rise and times of light therapy based products, both in the skincare and healthcare industries, has made one wonder over the worth and work of this uprising generation of products.

Infrared light therapy, similar to red light therapy, focuses on healing, rejuvenation, and alleviation of pain through the infrared spectrum of light. This light spectrum ranges approximately from 700nm to 1200nm and is invisible to the human eye. The efficacy and sustainability of results of this technology have been studied by experts and scientists all across the globe and thus has been rendered astonishingly trustworthy with no adverse or unfavorable side effects at all.

The Wavelengths of Near Infrared Light Therapy

The Wavelengths of Near Infrared Light Therapy​. Image credit: redlightman.com

Following the FDA approval of infrared light therapy, an abundance of products have arrived; therefore, we bring to you this review to help you better understand the primary concept and working of this therapy. Read on to enlighten yourself.

 How Does Infrared and Near Infrared Therapy Work​

​Foremost, a point most websites, journals, and people confuse their readers with is the distinction they try to portray between infrared and near infrared therapies. To put things into perspective – these two aforementioned are one and the same thing Infrared or near infrared light therapy works on a concept similar to that of red light therapy, that of exposing an area of the body to the light radiations thereby benefiting the body with the therapeutic effects of such light

Infrared light has a higher wavelength than red light, which in turn makes it easier for the radiations to permeate deeper within the skin. This way, infrared light can reach up till the muscles and bones of the body. The wavelength of light while inflowing the deeper layers, imparts energy to the cells. Energizing or stimulation of the cells thus results in apparent healing, regeneration and eventual repairing of them.

How Does Infrared and Near Infrared Therapy Work​

​The Wavelengths of Near Infrared Light Therapy​. Image credit: tucsonlighttherapy.com

The positive consequences of this entire cellular level procedure are visible after a few sessions on the surface of your skin – as it appears beautifully radiant, healthy and firm. The same principle applies to a plethora of other body and skin ailments like skin aging, wrinkles, body and muscle pain, joint aches, etc. When a painful joint or muscle is exposed to this therapy on a regular basis, the infrared light penetrates deep within to regenerate and rejuvenate cells and heal the incapacitating effects of soreness, stiffness, and pains​.

​With the advent of this groundbreaking therapy, more and more products are aiming at provision of such therapies at the comfort and convenience of your home. Lightweight, easy to use and carry products are bringing you one step closer to experiencing the amazing results of this therapy first hand.

Infrared Light Therapy for  chronic pain and arthritis

​Infrared Light Therapy​ for pain relief. Image credit: ebay

In cases where patients have for long suffered from the debilitating symptoms, like for example, in patients with chronic pain and arthritis, these therapeutic products have been studied and observed to not just mask the symptomatic effects, rather they get down to the real causes and help alleviate not just the pain, but the cause altogether. Inflammation, swelling, aches are eliminated gradually because of these metabolic processes, and the body's natural tendency to heal itself is stimulated and boosted well above normal. Blood flow is accelerated, more oxygen and nutrients are utilized, and you experience the best of rejuvenation and health.

​Most infrared light therapy devices, especially the ones administered at home, use the near infrared light spectrum wavelengths that range roughly from 760nm to 1300nm. This region of wavelengths is also referred to as IR-A.

​Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy

​It's not wrong to say that this review, for the most part, will be filled with benefits of infrared light therapy. This therapy, though similar to red light therapy, is much more beneficial that it, owing to the vast difference of wavelengths between the two spectrums. Longer wavelengths are better able to travel deeper within the layers of the skin and body, and in doing so, spread their therapeutic effects in a wider region in the body. Infrared light is thus better suited when it comes to matters of bigger, deeper wounds, muscle, and joint pains.

The benefits of infrared light aren't limited – studies have proven this therapy effective for sinus, brain stimulation, neuropathy, nasal therapy and also dementia and Alzheimer's. It has similar effects as that of red light therapy when dealing with skin ailments like pigmentation and inflammation. The availability and accessibility of devices at home are a boon for all infrared light therapy consumers.

Many more alternate products and remedies constitute of cold lasers, infrared saunas, heat lamps, etc. All of these are surprisingly simple to use and administer. Being non – invasive, pain-free and chemical free, these devices are completely safe for individuals of all age groups

​Infrared Light Therapy Devices For Use At Home

​The big plus with infrared light therapy products is that they provide one with an absolutely effective and prevailing treatment method which is completely non – invasive. Venturing into this form of therapy will do you more good than harm for sure since it is completely natural and free of any corrupt radiations.

The present scenario is such that, almost every top notch dermatology and skin clinic houses at least one device/product that uses the benefits of infrared light to cure their patients. Not only this, infrared devices are now available to be used at your disposal. Here, we have listed some of the best infrared light therapy devices that can be used at home for tending to your skin and your body aches

​​Infrared Light Therapy Devices For Skin

​With the market flooding with infrared devices, there are those that combine the advantages of red light along with those of infrared light. LED panels, body beds, hand held devices, you name it, and you have it! The culmination of the two spectrums of light plays in your favor and stimulates the underlying cells, which brings about repairing of the old, damaged cells. All you get is a fuss – free and convenient solution for achieving gloriously youthful skin. Pigmentation, wrinkles, acne are significantly reduced with regular usage

New Dual Infrared & Red Light Speeds Healing 120 LEDs

New Dual Infrared & Red Light Speeds Healing 120 LEDs

This LED panel, about the size of your hand, consists of a total 120 LEDs that are capable of emitting red (660nm), infrared (880nm) and a combination of both lights. The wavelengths are successfully resonant with the cells of our body and thereby are able to impart energy to them – resulting in healthy and youthful skin when you are using the red light wavelength.

The infrared wavelength helps relax muscles and alleviate soreness and pain from them. The combination mode works primarily well for skin wellness​

DPL Handheld Infrared LED Light Therapy for Acne

DPL Handheld Infrared LED Light Therapy for Acne

Infrared light is very effectual against acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. This product – the DPL Nuve Blue – works wonders for your skin to fight against and eliminate the very causes of acne. It has been rendered safe by FDA to be used by people of all skin types and all age groups. The deep penetration of the infrared light cuts through the excess sebum to give you clean and clear skin. Read more here

​Infrared Light Therapy For Pain

​Infrared is miles ahead of the red light therapy devices in terms of pain and muscle atrophy healing. These devices working on infrared light stimulate the cells and improve the blood circulation – which enables toxins being flushed better and eventual reduction in stiffness, soreness, and pain. Some of the best at home devices are

DPL FlexPad Pain Relief System​

DPL FlexPad Pain Relief System

This amazing device uses the principle of dpl (deep penetrating light). This device is designed as a healing pad for treating back and knee pains primarily but can be strapped on to the arms, shoulders and other body parts for relieving pain.

The pad uses a combination of infrared and red lights to penetrate deep within the skin and repair cells. Chronic, arthritis or any generic pain can be tended to and relieved using this product.

LumiWave Infrared Light Therapy Device

LumiWave Therapy Device Infrared Light

This device works on infrared light solely to deliver relief in case of pains, sprains, muscle tensioning, joint pains and any other moderate injury cases. The device can be tied around the respective body part for temporary pain alleviation and stiffness reduction. 

This device is in great demand and is used specifically in the sports industry thanks to its quick yet trusted results.

 The unit comes with a controller that can be held in the hand and the pods that are tied around the affected body part house 200 LEDs. A 20 or 30 minute treatment session is enough to more than halve the pain and distress

​The above products are the best out in the market at the moment among many others. All of them are suitable to be used at home, regardless of professional supervision

​Side Effects of Infrared Light Therapy

​The best part, apart from the countless advantages of infrared light therapy and its devices is that there are no known side effects of this treatment. It is as natural and beneficial as outdoor sunlight, devoid of any harmful radiations. There are no adverse side effects of administering such devices, and neither is there the hidden fear of dependence or addiction, which is high in case of drug administration. 

The only precaution to take is for pregnant women that of avoiding light therapies completely. Also, since this wavelength of light is more or less invisible to the naked human eye, one must at all times wear protective eye goggles to avoid any mishap. Always remember to read instructions and manuals properly and diligently before using such devices, since you are not in expert hands


​Treating pain, even if temporarily, nurturing the skin and accessing such devices at the very privacy and comfort of your home was never before so effortless. The added bonus of affordability and ease of use make this latest treatment technology in the world of photobiostimulation (PBS) one of its kind.

Scientists from across the world have painstakingly published studies on the safety, reliability, and efficacy of this therapy that determinedly promotes muscle relaxation, better blood circulation and last but not the least, ever – glowing skin appearance. Your days of struggle to land upon a trustable and dependable solution for your body woes are over and believe in infrared light therapy to be the right solution for you

​Hope this article was of help to you! Happy relaxing!