Is the green light therapy suitable for you?

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Does the green light therapy work? This is the question in the mind of most people, especially those who want to treat various skin disorders with the least invasive and natural options. The green light therapy works in similar way to the photosynthetic process.

While the photosynthesis process allows the sun to utilize sun rays to produce new cellular building blocks, and other by products, your skin utilizes green light laser therapy will stimulate your skin cells, in order to generate new proteins.

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While the plant makes use of some pigments to convert sunlight into building blocks, light therapy is capable of stimulating skin cells in order to generate new surface proteins. The main purpose of this article is to highlight ways through which green light therapy works and how safe it is.

What are the main components of the green light therapy?

The green light therapy device makes use of highly penetrating thermal heat to stimulate new and healthier skin cells, which in turn can help remove several kinds of skin imperfections. The main tool in the green light therapy is the thermal heat that is capable of penetrating the skin when operated at certain wavelengths. The green light laser therapy is also referred to as the photo-rejuvenation therapy.

How does green light therapy work?

Most people often wonder how green light therapy works. Considering the fact that it is just the focus of a green laser light on the skin at a particular wavelength, and the fact that it is non-invasive in nature. The principle behind the working of this therapy is simple. The main green light therapy device is placed very close to the affected skin area, and then switched on at the recommended wavelength.

How does green light therapy work?

Once the light penetrates the top and under layers of the skin, it stimulates the hormones- collagen and elastin, which in turn increase the strength of the skin while new healthy skin cells are generated. For pigmentation or discolouration issues, green light penetrates the under-layers of the skin to reduce the stimulation of melanin which results in dark spots. With less melanin reaching the surface of the skin, the dark pigmentation or discolouration disappears steadily.

What are the benefits of green light laser therapy?

There are quite a number of benefits of green light therapy, perhaps the commonest are found in skin care treatments. The light therapy is usually set at different wavelengths, and focused closely on the affected area of the skin. When applied at home, the light therapy can help improve the colour, texture and tone of the skin.

Furthermore, this treatment will help fade away the appearances of wrinkles, scars, spots, and fine lines. The light wavelengths can penetrate through the vascular inner part of the skin, thus forcing muscles to relax and then stimulating more blood flow.

The green light laser therapy will support the regeneration of new and healthy cells that are capable of developing connective tissues within the inner layers of the skin, and this in turn will stimulate the secretion of more elastin and collagen thus making the skin to become firmer, and the facial lines gradually decreases.

One other advantage of green light laser therapy is that it helps reduce inflammation. When more elastin is secreted (the hormones located in the vascular inner layer or Dermis layer of the skin), there is a relaxation of skin roughness, therefore, inflammation that may be triggered by dehydration, excess oil, swelling and bacterial infection on the skin, will be greatly reduced. You can watch the amazing benefits of green light laser therapy on

Green light laser therapy, age spot, and Hyper-pigmentation

Aside wrinkles, and fine lines, green light therapy has also been found to be highly effective in the treatment of age spots and hyper-pigmentation. Instead of fading ark spots, freckles, discolouration, and sun spots, with fading creams, it is more advisable to fade them with green laser therapy. Aside from fading age spots, sunspots and hyper-pigmentation, the light therapy creates a barrier that will reduce the risks of such skin blemishes re-occurring in the future.

When the light therapy is applied on hyper-pigmented areas of the skin, the penetration of the light under the required wavelength will result in the significant reduction in melanin hormones secretion, and this reduces the penetration of the melanin unto the top surface of the skin. Applying the light therapy on pigmented patches on the skin will help restore the luminous, brighter and radiant tone of the skin. One product that has been found to help deal with facial spots, wrinkles and fine lines can be found at Amazon. here

Which areas can be treated with green light laser therapy?

It is possible to apply the green light therapy on any area of the skin, however, special care must be taken when applying it around sensitive areas such as the eyes, and mouth. Do not apply red light therapy directly on open wounds. Most people who have benefitted from this therapy, have used it on their faces, neck and chests to improve appearances of the skin around such areas. Other parts of the body on which you can apply the green light therapy without the fear of side effects are; cheeks, under the eyes, around the mouth and chin, forehead and around the eyes. Make sure your eyes are closed when applying the therapy around your eyes. 


This piece of write up has emphasized the proven benefits of green light therapy, and the importance of varying the wavelength of the light, in order to achieve the result. It has been proven that the most effective green light wavelength is the one between 600 and 850nm. You are welcome to comment on this piece of article but keep in mind the following;

  • Green light therapy is best applied at between 600 and 850nm wavelength,
  • Green light laser therapy has been proven to fade and improve the appearance of age spots, sun spots, melanoma hyper-pigmentation, crow feet, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and so on.
  • Green light laser therapy must be applied gently in sensitive areas; it is recommended that eyes should be closed when the device is applied around the eyes.

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Wendy Burchfield

Wendy Burchfield is an expert in the field of Red light therapy. For many years, Wendy has provided information on various applications and fields of red light therapy these include the application of the therapy in oral health, skin treatment, weight loss, and general health issues.

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luz - 8 months ago

We have heard that light therapy was even referred to by Albert Einstein; since, he believed that as matter, when we were under the influence of a given color wavelength our body chemistry was altered and the production of certain hormones and proteins were triggered by such exposure. Besides, this form of therapy is known to have been the oldest employed to heal our ancestors.
Thus, what we all are definitely wanting in is (a real dearth) on those scientific statistics that can give proven evidence on how well the human race could be aided to allaying this and that health problem with such a non-invasive devise or wrinkle.
Can we have more information? Would you…let US know?

    Wendy Burchfield - 8 months ago

    Thank you Luz for the comment. It seems that you are a scientist 🙂 I think that I need to write an another post about this.

Esperanza Gajo - 6 months ago

Read somewhere that it cause more hyperpigmentation..why is it?

Esperanza Gajo - 6 months ago

Read somewhere that it cause more hyperpigmentation..why is that?
I have this stubborn melasma. .tried so many creams, TCA, Mircodermabrasion, Laser treatment which helped for 2 to 3 months…then came back really bad! Like to try this green light that I bought but afraid that can cause more dark discoloration.

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