Blue light therapy for acne

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In recent times, blue light therapy technology has acquired a high level of popularity for your treatment of acne. By the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), this particular invention may be the best-known, proved treatment to reduce acne-causing harmful bacteria.

​Suggested through leading industry experts, that includes board-certified skin doctor, Judith Hellman, MD. Blue light therapy for acne may be applied both equally in-office and at home. You can use blue light therapy also at home, before and after. It assists relieve this typical skin problem impacting 50 million People in America and also 94% of the women successfully.

Blue light therapy for acne

Hellman, the NYC-based skin doctor who practices medical dermatology and also is an expert in dermatological surgery, laser surgery, and anti-aging skin therapies, describes just how blue light functions, the utilization and then her knowledge using the technology in a unique and helpful Q and A.

​How does lue light therapy function?

​Blue light destroys the acne-causing bacteria referred to as propionibacterium acne. (P. acne), that can result in inflammation. Acne is very sensitive to blue light. Utilizing the blue light therapy removes the bacteria present in the oil intrigue in the skin. The new existence of infrared light in the home device causes the oil conspiracy to decrease in size. The effect is far less oil in the skin and also much fewer bacteria, resulting in the resolution of acne in the treated spots.

​Best reviews of some blue light therapy devices for acne treatment

​1. Lumie Clear – Acne Treatment at Home with Red and Blue Light Therapy

Lumie Clear – Acne Treatment at Home with Red and Blue Light Therapy
Acne Treatment at Home with Red and Blue Light Therapy


  • Lumie clear is a therapy for mild to moderate acne
  • Blue LEDs destroy acne bacteria’s while red LEDs decrease inflammation and cure the skin
  • Fifteen minutes close-up utilize every day to view a genuine change in 4 weeks
  • Designed with dermatology specialists, scientifically proved, authorized Medical Device

Things We Liked

  • Significantly better when it is utilized on fresh, clear skin
  • It will not affect your skin
  • It is helpful for benzoyl peroxide
  • That utilizing combination blue-red light therapy found a huge change after four weeks.
  • In twelve weeks, their skin had been, on standard, 76% much less inflamed and also 56% more clear.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Lumie Clear therapy differs from individual to individual. Somebody could get absolutely no consequence after utilizing it.
  • It requires very long time to get rid of acne completely
  • Often it is far from able to use immediately. Have to be prescribed by skin doctor

Detailed Product Reviews

​Lumie Clear is a small hand-held LED light therapy product medically proved to cure mild to moderate acne. It includes a blue light to attack the bacteria that create acne with the red light that reduces inflammation and also heals the skin. It is understandable and easy to use.

Keep this close to your skin for fifteen minutes of intense therapy or connect this to the flexible stand for any lengthier time on the broader spot. Drugs and creams may have uncomfortable side effects and then with continuous utilize be much less useful in managing this problem.

​Lumie Clear does not have any side effects by any means. It is not bothersome and also unpleasant and is simple to use. It may also apply safely and securely in combination for some other therapies. In contrast to drugs and creams, Lumie Clear is a one-off cost that may indeed work out less expensive time. Acne usually appears to enhance right after expending time in the sun.

Analysis of the side effects of light like a therapy has concentrated on two sides from the light range: blue light (415nm). That assaults the Propionibacterium acne bacteria, and also red light (660nm) that is recognized to soothe inflammation and encourage curing. Leading skin doctor Tony Chu of Hammersmith Hospital researched these types of side effects on over one hundred affected individuals.

​How to use Blue light therapy device for acne at home reviews video. source:

​2. BlueMD by Trophy Skin — Acne Light Therapy Device

​Characteristics Of BlueMD by Trophy Skin

  • BlueMD uses innovative LED technology to securely and also successfully remove the acne-causing bacteria. Acne, the primary reason for blemishes and also pimples
  • It removes Acnes in the origin to treat spots and also stop future breakouts
  • BlueMD additionally produces red light to lessen inflamation and increase skin recovery
  • In because small because 20 minutes per day a couple of times every week
BlueMD by Trophy Skin — Acne Light Therapy Device

Things We Liked

  • BlueMD has been carefully tested
  • Developed together with your skin safety in thoughts
  • It cures your acne through the inside out for clearer, softer, blemish-free skin.
  • Utilize just for 20 minutes, three times every week

Things We Didn't Like

  • Occasionally this harms eyes a lot
  • It is quite painful
  • Except if you might have the unbelievably small face, you have to do that a minimum of 4 times to cover your whole face

​Product Detailed Description

​Blue Lighting Treatment utilizes blue and red light to destroy acne leading to bacteria on and under the skin. It is risk-free and also efficient therapy for acne. The BlueMD uses an excellent fantastic, custom-manufactured light.

It produces the particular variety of light required to destroy acne leading to bacteria. The blue light helps prevent acne breakouts just before they form, decreases the intensity of acne right after it has formed and with time, ultimately reduces or eliminates acne from the life.

​Constant utilization of BlueMD assists to diminish the quantity of oil and also sebum on the skin plus continues to be proven to shrink the pore size in some people. Make use for 20 minutes, three times every week.

BlueMD light therapy is a 100% natural, pain-free and also non-invasive acne treatment that is secure for everyone and everyday usage. The BlueMD is very straightforward and easy to utilize. It is often created to combine easily into your way of life, and also may be used to “hands-free” while putting down, sitting up, or some other relaxed positioning

​Trophy skin bluemd-acne blue light therapy treatment

​Conclusion on blue light treatment for acne

​Removing the bacteria through the skin with the support through blue light reduces the inflammation related to red acne (papules) found in acne. Right after quite a few therapies, the spots vanish and also skin finds the natural look again. By the product review part, you can find the proper blue light therapy for acne.

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