What is Light Therapy?

light therapy

Light Therapy refers to a physical treatment employed to patients having some depression and few nominated mental disorders through specific artificial lights. Light therapy will be most effective for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder, point anxiety and brain stress. Light used in some particular machines will be any of LASER, dichroic lamp, full spectrum light, light emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps and brighter lights etc. All of these lights are emitted by a light box or machine containing a specific system. Today, many skin specialists also apply light therapy for acne treatments and skin glow with accordance to situations and physical requirements.

This light box will emit the specific light beam in various intensities according to nature of disease or mental disorder to be treated. Artificial light will become brighter and more intensive when its strikes with pane of the box and after striking, the light will become totally natural that surely influence the nerve system, cells, tissues and chemicals of brain that are directly associated with mood, thinking, responses and mental status etc. Finally, light therapy will be equally useful and helpful for physicians to cure seasonal and non-seasonal disorders linked with brain and skin. Seasonal Affective Disorder mostly happens in the fall of winter and on the same time skin allergy and fatigue may also occur.

Main Types of Light Therapy

It is a big fact that light therapy might be extremely effective and useful for your health than your knowledge. Today, there are dozens of common and rare types of light therapy that might be little different from each other by qualities, process, nature of light and outcomes. But, generally three light therapies are massively well known among the people who always use this kind of treatment to recover their brain fertility and health. These are

Photo therapy

photo therapy


This one is a famous light therapy that is based upon ultraviolet beams or rays to minimize the existing tenderness in the outer as well as deeper skin. This therapy is extremely used in generalized itch, combat eczema, occasionally hives, psoriasis and cutaneous t-cell lymphoma. However this is the therapy that can also relieve mental disorder, stress and severe aches in brain.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy


When fall turns to the foggy winter, then you will not be alone having seasonal depression and other disorders associated with human brain. Almost 25% people out of total population may suffer from seasonal depression in winter. Light therapy in such situations will deliver consistent relief to patients and bring them back to their normal and happy life within days.

Laser Therapy

laser therapy

Laser light of various wave lengths and intensity would also be beneficial to health. Usually, Laser light beams will discourage the mental depression and appreciate patients to overcome their severe thinking and production of false thoughts that give nothing except strain in nerve system.